Prior to replacing slow PCs...

temp-post-imageYour team's productivity and efficiency is of vital importance to you. Slow computers make it hard for them to work, which may in turn have an adverse impact on their overall business performance.

There are various methods you can employ to enhance the performance of Windows 10 or 11.

Here are a few...

Restart Your Computer

An IT support professional's favorite tip, restarting your computer can do wonders for its performance. Rebooting will clear away background processes, programs and memory data which has built up over time and is an easy way to fix common performance problems caused by long term computer use.

Manage Startup Apps on Windows 11

Windows 11 permits many programs to register as auto...


Discover how Microsoft 365 Copilot will transform M365 applications


Cloud computing has quickly become awash with advanced AI. Tools like ChatGPT and Bard have proven immensely popular among their users. Now developers are scrambling to add features that automate part of your job process - using contact data, they are creating follow-up lists or emails automatically.

AI-powered applications can do far more than automate processes; they're often used to design websites, write scripts and compose business correspondence - transforming office workflow at an unprecedented rate.

Microsoft is an industry-leading developer of office applications. At the forefront of introducing transformative technologies, they're set to make waves with Microsoft 365's major transfor...


Explore with peace of mind: Microsoft Edge offers enhanced protection.


Browsing the internet can be dangerous; one malicious link could compromise all of your company's data.

Cyber criminals use automated tools to launch attacks against businesses, so it is vital that you remain on top of your online security.

We're thrilled to hear that Microsoft plans on rolling out an update for Edge that will enhance security for all users.

Addition and enhancement are two different strategies used to strengthen security systems.

Password Monitor can keep an eye out for potential password compromise, alerting you immediately should any such breach take place.

SmartScreen is another technology designed to safeguard you against phishing scams, malware and other forms of malicious...


How to utilize the new virtual appointments feature in Microsoft Teams


Scheduling appointments is a widely used activity. Virtual appointments can be utilized by salespeople to answer customer inquiries, software companies offer live demos, and clients can book video sessions with telehealth therapists.

Microsoft Teams' recent feature, Virtual Appointments, will delight many groups. This new style of meeting is ideal for customer engagements and will soon be available on the platform.

Are you familiar with Teams or another online appointment platform? This new feature promises to streamline the experience for users.

What is Virtual Appointments for Teams?

Virtual Appointments offers a one-stop shop to manage customer engagements. Microsoft Teams makes scheduling, ...


Windows 11: Optional update: For best results, wait before making this choice.

temp-post-imageMicrosoft announced a new way for people to test out Windows 11 features prior to their official release.

Security flaws don't appear out of nowhere - we all suffer them at the same time.

Businesses can get ahead of the competition and access new features first.

Are the new features exciting? Yes!
Are they worth the risk?
Not exactly. What would be your advice? Patience can be a virtue. Although new features may tempt us, any trial phase comes with risks attached that must be carefully considered before diving in head first.

Bugs, errors and other impediments to operations could have an enormous effect on your operations. They could cause havoc to your daily workflow.

Take advantage of other people...


Microsoft Forms - Free in Office 365


Microsoft 365 is the most widely utilized cloud platform worldwide, boasting 345,000,000 paid seats. In Q3 2022 alone, the number of Microsoft cloud tools increased 32% compared to last year.

One of the primary reasons this service continues to expand is due to its extensive suite of cloud tools. There are over 20 applications available, in addition to Microsoft Office's core offering.

It's common for an app to go unused when there are so many available. These other tools may go overlooked by companies. Microsoft Forms is one of the most useful applications you can get with a Microsoft 365 subscription, and may go unutilized otherwise.

Microsoft Forms offers organizations the perfect way to c...


Windows 8.1 has officially ended all support. Here's what you should be aware of in the meantime.


This cybersecurity issue affects both small and large companies alike, as many older computers still run outdated operating systems on which staff may only occasionally access. Furthermore, companies often rely on customized software that doesn't run on older OS versions for operations.

Cyberattacks can occur when an OS becomes outdated. This implies that it no longer receives support from Microsoft or any other developer, meaning there will no feature updates or security patches to address newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Windows 8.1 was the latest operating system to be discontinued by Microsoft in 2013. Released in 2013, this OS was officially retired on January 10, 2023 with a warning s...


Here are some of the coolest features in Windows 11 that may make you fall in love with this operating system.


Microsoft released Windows 11 over a year ago and it was well received as being user-friendly. Though not a significant departure from Windows 10, this upgrade does bring many enhancements to the existing environment of the OS.

Windows 10 continues to have a low adoption rate despite several improvements and free updates for those running the operating system. As of November 2022, Windows 10 holds the majority share of PCs running Windows; its rate of usage stands at 69.75% versus 16.13% for Windows 11.

Slowly, more people are upgrading to the most recent OS. Some opt to wait and assess whether it is worth all the effort; nobody wants to have to learn new technical details about their computer...


What is Microsoft Defender for Individuals?


Microsoft often refers to their business version of security apps in M365 when discussing this pandemic. The impact of the crisis has transformed how we view the workplace; now there are multiple connected "mini-offices" located in employee homes.

The outsourcing market has enabled a revolution in company networks. Many freelancers work the same hours as employees, which cuts overhead costs and taxes. 68% of large consumer product companies now outsource some or all of their workforce.

We believe that home security and network security have never been more critical. Employee devices located in homes around the world now have access to company data.

55% of employees work remotely from their ow...


Five Exciting Microsoft 365 Ways to Enable the Hybrid Office


Technology is constantly progressing and evolving. Some tools that were once indispensable, like Adobe Flash or Internet Explorer, no longer serve their original purpose; newer versions replace them. If computers and networks aren't kept up-to-date with the most up-to-date technology, they could become vulnerable to attacks.

Older technology may still work on your system, but that doesn't guarantee its safety. The greatest risk associated with outdated technology lies in data breaches.

Out-of-date hardware and software are no longer eligible for important security updates, which often address newly discovered or exploited system flaws. Without security patches installed, a device becomes vulne...