What is Microsoft Secure Score (MSS)?

temp-post-imageSecurity should always be a top priority, no matter the size or industry of your company. Microsoft 365 Defender's Secure Score measure reflects this importance - here is more on how Secure Score works and can benefit your business in this article.

Secure Score is a tool designed to assess your security posture. Microsoft Best Practices are used as benchmarks against which to compare your settings and activities, providing advice on how to strengthen security as well as pinpoint potential areas of weakness.

Administrators can view their current security score in the dashboard. It takes into account all Microsoft identities, apps and devices as well as having a target score; Microsoft warns you...

Are You Prepared for Windows 11 to Get Even Better?


Windows 11 will soon be full of surprises!

Are you ready to upgrade the tools on your operating system?

Let's begin by talking about the Snipping Tool. This basic screenshotting tool has quietly provided us with snapshots for years, helping to capture screens one snip at a time. With "Text Actions", an exciting text recognition and capture capability introduced with iOS 10, this could become game changing; now allowing us to copy text directly from screenshots without needing a separate program like Clippix for this task! You can now copy/paste text directly into screenshots!

But that's only the start: with Quick Redact's handy new function, it is now possible to quickly hide sensitive data dir...

Four Strategies for Combatting Data Sprawl


Modern data provides many advantages, yet can also pose a formidable challenge: data sprawl. You risk losing control of your data and jeopardizing compliance, productivity or security if it becomes out of hand. This article will provide strategies to effectively deal with this complex problem of data sprawl.

How Does Data Sprawl Take Place?

If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, then data sprawl may be an issue for you.

  • Your files become unmanageable and you are unaware of which information is accessible to you.

  • Both personal and corporate technology are relied upon by employees for work completion; an error that frequently arises is duplicating work already completed.

  • Keep an eye on wh...

Find Business Balance on a Sliding Scale of Security

Everyday brings with it new updates regarding malware, data leakage and hacker exploits that require businesses to be on guard against. Although you are taking measures to secure your business and stay vigilant in protecting it from further attacks, more must be done. Security needs to balance with cost, usability and convenience for an optimal level of security - but sometimes this requires treading carefully on an uncertain path of compliance.

At one end of this scale is usability and convenience; at the other, security. To create user-friendly and effective solutions, the key lies in finding the ideal balance.

Tipping the Scale of Security

Another effective way to maximize protection is thro...

Are you eager to test new features first-hand? Don't be intimidated! Take the plunge! Don't hesitate! Don't hold back from taking a chance on new options.


Are you ever tempted by the promise of downloading and trying out a beta version of an application, eager to be the first person to experience its new features?

Be careful! WARNING!! You might want to reconsider some of the news you hear from the FBI.

Cyber criminals are using an ingenious trick to lure unaware victims into their lair. By placing malicious code within fake versions of popular applications, cybercriminals turn the mobiles of unsuspecting users into personal piggybanks.

Don't take us wrong; we share the enthusiasm for innovation shared by any group of tech enthusiasts. Beta versions may hold allure for some, but they haven't gone through the same stringent security checks as app...