Optimize customer service experiences using technology


At businesses, the customer experience should always come first. Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping this experience - for better or for worse.

Customers will remain loyal to your brand if their experience with you is seamless, and this article will explore several tech solutions that could enhance the customer journey at your company.

Schedule Appointments and Simplify Scheduling

Scheduling and appointments can both be improved through self-service booking pages created with Microsoft 365, giving customers the convenience of being able to book themselves online. By connecting it directly with team calendars and synching automatic availability checks with email reminders you can eliminat...

How to utilize the new virtual appointments feature in Microsoft Teams


Scheduling appointments is a widely used activity. Virtual appointments can be utilized by salespeople to answer customer inquiries, software companies offer live demos, and clients can book video sessions with telehealth therapists.

Microsoft Teams' recent feature, Virtual Appointments, will delight many groups. This new style of meeting is ideal for customer engagements and will soon be available on the platform.

Are you familiar with Teams or another online appointment platform? This new feature promises to streamline the experience for users.

What is Virtual Appointments for Teams?

Virtual Appointments offers a one-stop shop to manage customer engagements. Microsoft Teams makes scheduling, ...