Gamers beware! Hackers have targeted you.


Since long, gamers have not been the primary focus of cybersecurity efforts. Instead, most often you hear of cyber attacks against businesses or identity theft due to phishing schemes affecting individuals - however hackers are now targeting gamers directly.

Cyberattacks against gamers have increased exponentially, as cybercriminals target gamers as potential exploitable digital vulnerabilities increase. Meanwhile, gaming industry expansion and user participation is driving this rise - leaving hackers more opportunities than ever to target gamers with attacks.

Cyberattacks against young gamers will increase by 57% between 2022-2023.

Risks increase significantly for young gamers who enjoy popula...

Tips for Setting up Dual Monitors to Have the Best Experience


Two monitors can often make things simpler when it comes to getting things done efficiently. Utilizing a dual monitor setup can significantly enhance productivity; whether that means gaming, creative work or multitasking at work.

Jon Peddie Research conducted a study that demonstrated how dual displays could boost productivity by 42% if set up correctly. But this process can't simply be accomplished by adding another screen.

People often experience disquiet when trying to work from multiple monitors, even though there may be more screen real estate available. The likely culprit here is usually their setup - either they have their screens placed incorrectly or they don't optimize the settings p...