6 Tips To Prevent Misconfiguration (the Primary Cause of Cloud Breaches).


Companies often neglect misconfigurations of cloud solutions when devising their cybersecurity plans. Cloud apps tend to be user-friendly, making it tempting for companies to assume that security is handled automatically by these applications. Unfortunately, companies must rely on outside resources for effective protection from attacks.

This misconception is incorrect, as cloud security is a shared model. The solution provider takes care of the security of their backend infrastructure; however, it's up to each user to configure security settings within their account appropriately.

Misconfiguration is a major cause of cloud data breaches and often an unforced error. If a company has not adequat...

4 Effective Methods to Lower the Costs of Data Breach


Data breaches are something no business wants to experience, yet they remain an unfortunate reality in today's world. According to IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report, 83% of companies have experienced more than one data breach. (IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report)

Breach of security can have devastating consequences for businesses in many ways. Not only is there the cost to resolve the breach, but you might also incur lost productivity costs as well. Furthermore, you could lose business and customer confidence as well as incur legal fees as a result of this incident.

IBM Security's report indicates the cost of data breaches has risen globally in 2022, reaching $4.35mill...

Did You Have Data Exposure in One These Recent Data Breach


Make Sure Your Router Is Secure

There's a reason browsers like Edge have implemented breached password notifications: data breaches can have costly repercussions for individuals. Hackers may steal identities and compromise bank accounts, just to name a couple of examples.

Cybercriminals attack an estimated 4,800 websites each month with form jacking code. It has become all too common to hear stories of major hotel chains or social media companies being breached for customer data breaches.

Hackers can access your personal information and passwords without you knowing, often taking an extended period to notify you. One example of a data breach occurring recently at CafePress - an online retailer ...

2023 Data Privacy Trends That May Impact Your Compliance


Since the inception of the internet, data privacy has become an ever more pressing necessity. It's astounding how much personal data is now being transmitted over computer networks; now it has become imperative to safeguard it.

HIPAA, GDPR or any other industry-based privacy rules must be adhered to by most companies. By 2024, 75% of the world's population will have their personal data secured under one or more privacy regulations.

Data privacy compliance does not have to be the domain solely of large enterprises. It goes hand-in-hand with cybersecurity, and applies equally to all businesses regardless of size.

Between July 2020 and August 2021, GDPR violations increased by 113.5%, leading to ...

8 Tech Inspections You Should Perform Before Concluding


When we travel, technology is always with us. Many of us would be unable to navigate an entire block without our phones - it could be a major issue if your phone isn't there when you need it most.

Conducting multiple checks before you leave for your trip will make you both smarter and safer. Our tech travel checklist can help you avoid data breaches, lost chargers, and other potential issues.

1. Verify Your Apps

Have you ever stood at an airport security gate and been puzzled as to why it seemed so empty? Suddenly, it dawns on you that your gate had been moved! Panic sets in as you attempt to make it across the concourse before arriving too late.

How did everyone hear about the gate switch? Mos...

Tips for Increasing Home Security Setups Are you looking to make your home security setup safer? Here are some helpful hints.


The global home security market is growing rapidly. Experts forecast a 20.1% compound annual growth rate from 2026-2026, in addition to an expected 21.6% rise between 2021 and 2022.

These solutions include Ring doorbell cameras and whole-home security systems. It has never been simpler to monitor your front door remotely with cloud-based video streams that enable homeowners to view every corner of their property.

Sharing photos of your doorbell cameras on social media groups in the community can provide added assurance at an affordable cost. These home security systems provide peace of mind at a great value.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of setting up your system. Neglecting to take pre...

Are you looking for ways to balance user productivity with reliable authentication protocols? Look no further - here are five solutions.


At offices, it can be a constant battle to maintain an equilibrium between security and productivity. Allowing too much freedom on your network could put users at risk; conversely, too many security gates may lead to decreased output.

Finding a balance between them is achievable, though not always easy. Both are essential for organizations - not one over the other.

Microsoft recently reported on a serious lack of authentication security in Azure Active Directory. Only 22% of users had multi-factor authentication enabled, leaving more than three quarters at much greater risk for account breaches.

Why do organizations still ignore security protocols like multi-factor authentication (MFA)? MFA ca...

What Are the Advantages of Enforcing Conditional Access?


Passwords have been a security risk for nearly as long as they have existed. 81% of security incidents are due to weak or stolen passwords, yet employees continue to disregard basic principles of cyber hygiene.

61% of workers use the same password across multiple platforms, and 43% have also shared their passwords with others. These factors combine to explain why compromised credentials are often the source of data breaches.

Many organizations have prioritized access and identity management due to the rise of cloud computing, where people must enter only a username or password for system access.

Cybercriminals can easily obtain employee logins and all data contained within an account by obtain...

Tips to Overcome Barriers for an Easy BYOD Program


With the rise of smartphones, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) became increasingly popular. Software developers created apps for these smarter phones as they became more advanced; mobile device usage in the workplace has now overtaken desktop usage as a result.

Microsoft estimates that mobile devices make up 60% of an organization's endpoints and handle around 80% of the work load. Yet these devices often go overlooked when it comes to strong cybersecurity measures.

Particularly with employee-owned mobile devices. BYOD (bring your own device) differs from corporate-owned programs in that employees aren't limited to using company tools; rather, they use their own gadgets for work. Businesses incre...

9 Important Security Tips for Online Holiday Shopping


Holiday shopping has taken off, and scammers are gearing up to take advantage of all the online transactions. They are eager to profit from this surge in business.

Don't neglect online safety during this holiday shopping rush. A penny saved is worth a pound saved, and it could help you steer clear of privacy or financial issues that could prove costly if neglected.

These are the top safety precautions for online holiday shopping.

Before you shop, check for device updates

Out-of-date software can leave your smartphone, tablet or computer vulnerable. While you might not want to wait 10 minutes for a 10-minute iPhone upgrade, doing so will make you safer overall.

Hackers frequently target vulnerabi...