How can you secure your laptop?

Do you read this article on a laptop computer? Can you imagine the feeling if someone stole yours while you were at an airport, cafe or home. It would be devastating.

Laptop theft is a growing concern. Norton, a security software provider, reports that 97% percent of stolen laptops never come back into circulation again. Laptops are an attractive target for thieves with 44% targeting laptops due to their high resale values while 56% contain sensitive information that criminals seek out and exploit.

What could be stored on my laptop?

An attorney might store confidential case files on their laptop computer; medical professionals might keep patient data. You might also store intellectual property ...

What Can You Expect from iOS 17 Version?


Apple's iOS upgrades have long been eagerly anticipated by iPhone and iPad owners globally, eagerly awaiting what new features their devices will boast. iOS 17 will mark Apple's next major release; new features should debut this fall.

iOS 17 promises a more intuitive, seamless and seamless user interface. There will be significant updates to Messages as well as sharing between phones.

This article will outline some of the key features you can expect from Apple and explore all their latest innovations for users.

How Can You Instantaneously Access Transcripts Of Voicemails

With iOS 17 you'll have no more difficulty in knowing if a voicemail received during a Zoom Meeting is important - simply loo...

5 tech trends to propel small business expansion

temp-post-imageSmall businesses today face more opportunities in an ever-evolving digital landscape, often necessitating them to use technology strategically and leverage new trends for maximum advantage. By adopting cutting edge tech trends, small businesses can optimize operations, enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

At times it can be challenging for small businesses to know which path will bring the highest return. They should select one which has proven most rewarding.

We will review five tech trends for small businesses that could help ensure success. You could also take advantage of them to advance your company in an increasingly competitive market.

1. Cloud Computing: Expanding Horizons


Find Business Balance on a Sliding Scale of Security

Everyday brings with it new updates regarding malware, data leakage and hacker exploits that require businesses to be on guard against. Although you are taking measures to secure your business and stay vigilant in protecting it from further attacks, more must be done. Security needs to balance with cost, usability and convenience for an optimal level of security - but sometimes this requires treading carefully on an uncertain path of compliance.

At one end of this scale is usability and convenience; at the other, security. To create user-friendly and effective solutions, the key lies in finding the ideal balance.

Tipping the Scale of Security

Another effective way to maximize protection is thro...

Microsoft and Samsung Join Forces to enhance security on mobile phones


Your mind quickly registers this fact - after searching your pockets, bag, and under your pillows you realize your phone was left at a coffee shop!

Are You Worried about Losing Your Device and its Contents? No. What worries you is how your business data might get compromised should someone find their way onto someone else's phone.

Microsoft and Samsung are joining forces to help make mobile devices safer for businesses, launching an innovative solution this month designed to protect those using Samsung Galaxy phones in the office.

How Can This Be Done On-device Attestation allows companies to check whether mobile phones have been compromised even at their most basic components - think of it l...

How can you spot fake LinkedIn sales bots?


LinkedIn is an invaluable professional networking tool, used to network, connect and explore new business opportunities. However, as its popularity increases so do red flags such as fraudulent sales bots.

Bots that pose as real users are an increasingly prevalent scam on LinkedIn and is considered by the FBI a significant threat to users.

This blog post will delve into the murky world of fake LinkedIn Sales Bots. We will examine their tactics, as well as provide valuable tips. By being aware and remaining vigilant during your LinkedIn experience, it is possible to ensure it remains safe.

Spotting Fake LinkedIn Sales Connections

Scammers on social media frequently play on our emotions. No one ca...

Top Cybersecurity Risks Facing Remote Workers and How To Address Them


Remote work has grown increasingly popular over time. Employees enjoy greater flexibility working from home while employers save costs through reduced office expenses. Telecommuting also decreases distraction levels resulting in higher productivity gains.

Research indicates that working from home reduces nonproductive time by 56% when compared with working in an office environment.

Working away from the office does have its downsides; remote and hybrid work poses serious cybersecurity risks that are difficult to monitor. 63% of companies have reported data breaches caused by remote workers.

Working remotely doesn't have to compromise your security

You can find the ideal balance. Be mindful of cy...

Checklist to Safely Transport Technology When Moving


Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth process, take extra care when handling and packing expensive tech devices such as computers. Be mindful when transporting offices or homes as you must also move expensive technology devices containing intellectual property such as data bases.

We've developed a handy check-list to assist with this process and help ensure the safety of your technology during its move.

Before You Begin Disassembling Your Device

Make copies of all important documents, files, photos and other irreplaceable data before beginning disassembly of your device. Using an external drive or cloud storage, you can be assured that all of your information will re...

Have you used Microsoft Universal Print yet? Discover its benefits.


Printing is still an integral component of modern workplaces, yet maintaining your print infrastructure is no simple task; any hardware malfunction could halt work altogether.

Trouble arises with updating all printer drivers. Without firmware updates being done regularly, vulnerabilities could exist that expose unprotected printers to attack from malware, potentially infiltrating networks with harmful infections.

Microsoft Universal Print provides an innovative solution to simplify print job management. This new approach provides an innovative means of solving age-old printing issues.

Are you seeking to improve the way that you print documents or avoid printer issues? In this post we explore th...

Are You Being Violated by Online Shopping Apps?


Many people enjoy online shopping; it is simple and hassle-free; plus we can purchase products without leaving our own homes. While this trend has become more mainstream, some consumers may still have concerns regarding privacy and security issues when making these purchases online.

Not all shopping apps are created equal; when installing apps without first considering their privacy policies, apps could potentially collect more data from your smartphone than you realize - be it personal or professional use. Your data and privacy could both be at stake.

SHEIN: Data Collection Practices of Popular Shopping App SHEIN

Security experts recently found a popular app that was spying on copy-and-paste a...