Business Email Compromise Jumped 81% Last Year! Learn how to fight it


Email, commonly known as electronic mail, has become an indispensable component of modern life. People use it for many different purposes including business transactions. Unfortunately, cybercrime has increased exponentially thanks to our increased reliance on digital technologies; one significant cyber threat facing businesses today is Business Email Compromise.

Why should we pay special attention to BEC attacks? They're on the rise: in 2022 alone they increased 81% while 98% of employees did not report this threat.

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Its Business Email Compromise is an email-based scam in which criminals target their victims using email fraud. Both businesses and individ...


Stop and consider before responding to any emails sent your way. Before acting on them, stop to think first!

temp-post-imageHow often are you quick to reply to emails without considering their contents first?

Your email is seemingly harmless when it arrives from someone asking for information or asking you to pay an invoice, yet instantly becomes part of an attack on Business Email Compromise as soon as you click "send."

BEC attacks occur when cyber criminals gain access to an email account for your business and use it to gain the trust of employees, partners, customers or other parties, convincing them into sending money or sensitive data by pretending to be someone in a higher-up position and exploiting this trust.

It may appear as though only large corporations experience these problems, but this is far from bein...