Are You Wondering If Wi-Fi 7 Is Worth the Investment?


Staying ahead in an increasingly competitive market means remaining at the cutting-edge of technology. Wi-Fi 7 represents the latest generation of wireless connections.

What does this solution provide and is investing worthwhile for my business?

Lightning fast speeds: Forget buffering and laggy performance - Wi-Fi 7 delivers lightning-fast speeds that will ensure business operations continue smoothly. No dropped calls or lost connections; Wi-Fi 7's reliable performance ensures optimal business operations even in busy environments.
Futureproofing WiFi 7 is designed to adapt to future technology requirements, securing your business's Internet in case any unexpected technological advances arise. ...


Do you have cyber security measures in your business that are under-utilized?


Let's examine a topic that may give us chills--cybersecurity skeletons in the closet. While it's possible that there may not be any actual skeletons lurking, cybersecurity vulnerabilities could still exist and be waiting to cause havoc.

At times it can be difficult to remedy things without first knowing they exist, so now is the time to address any hidden dangers in your business. By taking proactive steps you can protect against potential cyber-threats.

Be proactive by recognizing potential threats that could put your business at risk, here are the top cybersecurity risks SMBs face.

Outdated software: the nightmare with cobwebs

Updates can be an inconvenience, and running outdated software can ...


Checklist to Safely Transport Technology When Moving


Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth process, take extra care when handling and packing expensive tech devices such as computers. Be mindful when transporting offices or homes as you must also move expensive technology devices containing intellectual property such as data bases.

We've developed a handy check-list to assist with this process and help ensure the safety of your technology during its move.

Before You Begin Disassembling Your Device

Make copies of all important documents, files, photos and other irreplaceable data before beginning disassembly of your device. Using an external drive or cloud storage, you can be assured that all of your information will re...