Here Are 9 Reasons Why Airplane Mode Is Worth Utilizing Even If You Aren't Travelling


Airplane Mode is a feature most of us are familiar with. Chances are, you have used it before when traveling abroad - or perhaps in everyday life when not traveling anywhere special! But did you know there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Airplane Mode than just flying abroad? Not necessarily! Here are a few reasons to turn it on even when not traveling!

1. Battery Life Is Precious

No one would argue with the importance of prolonging smartphone battery life, and Airplane mode is your go-to weapon to do just that. By disabling any applications running in the background (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features) Airplane mode can protect against unnecessary drain on battery power; and thus...


Charging in public spaces? Be wary of "juice jacking".


Charge your laptop or phone at airports, hotels, cafes or even shopping centres.

The FBI issued a warning about using USB charging ports, as criminals use these to spread malware and spy software while their devices charge.

Long considered an abstract threat, "juice-jacking" has now become more mainstream. With technology becoming smaller and easier to use than ever before, juice-jacking has been taken advantage of by less sophisticated criminals to launch attacks against consumers and enterprises alike.

How Does Charging Work Precisely? Most USB-C and Lightning charging cables serve dual purposes - using their pins both for charging and data transmission.

Your device only charges using its pins...