7 Customer-Focusing Technologies to Give You an Edge


Customers want convenience. In today's digital world, customers expect technology to make life simpler for them. Therefore, when creating webforms and POS systems you must consider the customer experience in mind.

People often leave companies when they are dissatisfied with how they have been treated. Their experience may not have been related to your products and services; perhaps they had trouble navigating your website or asked a question that wasn't answered satisfactorily.

Customers expect companies to make it simple for them to do business with your business. Companies who deliver on this promise tend to be 60% more profitable than those who don't, according to research.

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7 Tips to Implement VoIP for a Productive Office


Global pandemic has underscored the significance of being able to manage a business remotely. Cloud solutions such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, along with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), phone systems are now essential for this.

VoIP technology enables companies and customers to stay in contact. Employees can work remotely while still answering the company's phone. No matter where an employee is situated - at work or home - callers will have the same experience regardless of location.

Old landlines are inefficient when people work from home. Businesses have adopted VoIP as a cost-saving measure and necessary for survival.

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7 Apps that Will Enhance Customer Experience in 2023


Paying attention to customer experience will directly affect your bottom line. Companies that prioritize customer experience are 60% more profitable than those who aren't, as customers expect more from businesses they do business with in today's digital age. Companies who prioritize customer experience will see greater returns on their investments.

People can now order online and have it delivered directly to their homes the next day. To stay ahead of the technology curve, you need to utilize the appropriate tools.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your customer experience, as 2023 draws closer. Cloud technology makes it possible to enhance customer satisfaction without spending a lot of mo...


What are the most useful VoIP features for small businesses?


VoIP was a relatively new type of business phone system that wasn't widely adopted until five to six years ago, though it had already become commonplace. Thanks to the pandemic though, internet-based phone systems are no longer just an optional extra; they've become essential components for business continuity planning.

VoIP and videoconferencing have seen a dramatic spike in usage during the pandemic, due primarily to the rise of hybrid offices and remote work. Sixty-seven per cent of companies surveyed believe VoIP improves call handling.

Business phone systems are no longer limited to one physical location, enabling companies with employees spread across multiple sites to manage operation...