What Is App Fatigue and Why is It a Security Concern?


Employees continue to utilize more apps and web tools on a daily basis, with the majority of departments employing between 40-60 distinct applications. 71% believe that employees use too many applications, making work more complicated.

Many applications we rely on every day come with unique alerts. When someone mentions us in a Teams channel, we get an alert "ping". A popup notification informs us when an update has been made; and security or errors are alerted to us as well.

App fatigue is a real and growing cybersecurity risk. People become more likely to ignore notifications if they feel overwhelmed with them.

Consider all the digital alerts you receive. These may include:

  • Software applicati...

6 Steps to Take When Handling Data Privacy Updates

temp-post-imageData became digital and authorities recognized the need for protection. Data privacy regulations and rules were created in response to cyber threats, with many companies now having at least one data privacy policy they must adhere to.

HIPAA must be observed by everyone working in the U.S. Healthcare industry and their service providers, while PCI-DSS is mandatory for anyone collecting payment card data. Furthermore, GDPR - a far-reaching data protection law - applies to anyone selling goods to EU citizens and is an obligation for businesses doing business there.

International and industry data privacy regulations are only the start. Many states and localities have their own data privacy laws t...

Microsoft Forms - Free in Office 365


Microsoft 365 is the most widely utilized cloud platform worldwide, boasting 345,000,000 paid seats. In Q3 2022 alone, the number of Microsoft cloud tools increased 32% compared to last year.

One of the primary reasons this service continues to expand is due to its extensive suite of cloud tools. There are over 20 applications available, in addition to Microsoft Office's core offering.

It's common for an app to go unused when there are so many available. These other tools may go overlooked by companies. Microsoft Forms is one of the most useful applications you can get with a Microsoft 365 subscription, and may go unutilized otherwise.

Microsoft Forms offers organizations the perfect way to c...

8 Reasons Why Every Company Must Embrace Technology Businesses today face unprecedented technological obstacles.


No matter your business, whether it's selling shoes or being an accountant, technology is essential for success. Companies today must not only sell their own goods and services but also be proficient with various digital tools.

Software, payment systems, computers and mobile devices are just some of the examples. Companies must ensure their devices and networks remain protected at all costs; any downtime in technology could have a devastating effect on their operations.

According to 98% of surveyed companies, an hour of IT downtime costs them more than $100,000. Every company is now a technology company due to its dependence on technology.

No matter the product or service you offer, this sta...

What are the advantages and drawbacks of tracking your employees' every digital movement?


Employers around the world have had to adjust since the pandemic. They've had no choice but to change how their employees work, and remote work is here for good - both employees and organizations can gain from this hybrid and work-from-home revolution.

Remote work can be a cost-effective solution, and employers who allow flexibility will find that their employees' morale and productivity levels increase.

Statistics show that most organizations will support remote work.

  • 16% of remote companies

  • 40% of employees support remote/hybrid office work

  • 44% of respondents do not permit their employees to work remotely.

Remote work offers many advantages, but also presents challenges. Remote workers pose cybe...

Are those really the words from your CEO...or is it a scam?


Imagine yourself going about your daily tasks when suddenly, the CEO contacts you. They need your assistance as someone forgot to provide gift cards during a customer visit and need you to purchase six $200 gift certificates and send the details directly to the CEO.

The message sender guarantees you a reimbursement within 24 hours, though you won't have the chance to call them for two hours as they will be attending meetings. This is an urgent matter; they urgently require gift cards.

Can you pause and consider if this type of request indicates suspicion? Would you be tempted to reach for your credit card in order to comply with the request?

Surprisingly, many employees fall victim to this gi...

2023 Data Privacy Trends That May Impact Your Compliance


Since the inception of the internet, data privacy has become an ever more pressing necessity. It's astounding how much personal data is now being transmitted over computer networks; now it has become imperative to safeguard it.

HIPAA, GDPR or any other industry-based privacy rules must be adhered to by most companies. By 2024, 75% of the world's population will have their personal data secured under one or more privacy regulations.

Data privacy compliance does not have to be the domain solely of large enterprises. It goes hand-in-hand with cybersecurity, and applies equally to all businesses regardless of size.

Between July 2020 and August 2021, GDPR violations increased by 113.5%, leading to ...

Checklist to Enhance Digital Offboarding for Employees


Digital footprints are ubiquitous in today's workplace. Once an employee begins working, they create their digital footprint by being provided with a company email address and login credentials for their application. You may even be able to update their LinkedIn page through this method.

When an employee departs the company, there is a process that must be followed: decoupling the employee from all technological assets of the business. This step is essential for cybersecurity purposes.

It is never a wise practice for a former employee or contractor to send malicious emails via their work email address to all of your customers. The computer of such an individual could contain sensitive files ...

Insider Threats Have Grown exponentially Serious Here's How To Counter Them


Insider attacks are one of the most challenging to detect. Anyone with access to your company's network and data is considered an "insider", whether through a login or other authorized connection.

Insiders have the potential to bypass security measures, granting access to the system despite supposed protections against intruders. Unfortunately, these safeguards won't activate since a log-in user isn't considered an intruder.

Ponemon Institute recently released three sobering statistics that underscore the urgency of addressing this threat. Insider threats are becoming more difficult to detect and more prevalent.

According to the report, over the past two years:

  • Organizations take 85 days to sto...