Forget about "you can't teach an older dog new tricks


New research has unlocked an unexpected facet of cyber security risks: your younger employees who possess technological proficiency could be your biggest exposure.

Are You Shocked? Let's Get Down to Business

Survey results were alarming: Over 6,500 employees worldwide were polled with an even distribution across demographics.

Study results revealed that younger office workers (those aged 40 or under) are more likely to disregard basic password safety rules and use their birth dates as passwords, while only 19% used this tactic among those over 40!

And it doesn't stop there.

Young workers were more likely to use the same password across multiple devices than any other age group; 38% admitted doing this.

Never mind phishing scams: 23% of younger demographic respondents failed to report the last phishing attempt they were targeted with because "they didn't think it was important".

But surely they understand the gravity of security threats to businesses? Unfortunately not.

Though ransomware and phishing were recognized as major threats by 23% and 22% of employees respectively, their attitude toward cyber security leaves much to be desired.

Now for the kicker: an astonishing number of those surveyed revealed that their organizations did not require mandatory cyber security training for any employees.

From the US (30%), UK (17%), Netherlands (32%), Japan (35%), India (31%), Germany (22%), France (43%), Australia (29%) and China (65%), these numbers speak volumes.

Are we really to blame the young workforce when businesses don't do enough to equip their employees with necessary cyber security skills?

It's high time we stopped treating cyber security as an afterthought and started investing in regular cyber awareness training for all employees within our businesses - not just techies or executives - not only will you reap greater returns.

At the core, cybersecurity isn't just about protecting your business; it's about creating a safer digital world for us all.

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