6 Tips To Prevent Misconfiguration (the Primary Cause of Cloud Breaches).


Companies often neglect misconfigurations of cloud solutions when devising their cybersecurity plans. Cloud apps tend to be user-friendly, making it tempting for companies to assume that security is handled automatically by these applications. Unfortunately, companies must rely on outside resources for effective protection from attacks.

This misconception is incorrect, as cloud security is a shared model. The solution provider takes care of the security of their backend infrastructure; however, it's up to each user to configure security settings within their account appropriately.

Misconfiguration is a major cause of cloud data breaches and often an unforced error. If a company has not adequat...

4 Effective Methods to Lower the Costs of Data Breach


Data breaches are something no business wants to experience, yet they remain an unfortunate reality in today's world. According to IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report, 83% of companies have experienced more than one data breach. (IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report)

Breach of security can have devastating consequences for businesses in many ways. Not only is there the cost to resolve the breach, but you might also incur lost productivity costs as well. Furthermore, you could lose business and customer confidence as well as incur legal fees as a result of this incident.

IBM Security's report indicates the cost of data breaches has risen globally in 2022, reaching $4.35mill...

What is Changing in the Cybersecurity Insurance Market?


Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are still unfamiliar with cybersecurity insurance. It was first introduced in the 1990s to cover large businesses, providing protection from online media errors as well as data processing errors.

Policyholders of cyber insurance have seen their coverage expand over the years. Today's policies cover all costs related to a data breach - including remediating malware attacks or compromised accounts.

Cybersecurity insurance policies cover the following expenses:

  • Recovering Compromised Data
    Are you trying to recover compromised data? There may be several steps that you can take.

  • Computer Repair

  • Notifying Customers About Data Breach
    Re-repairing computers

  • N...

What Cybersecurity Trends Should You Watch Out for in 2023?


The new year is upon us and it's a time for reflection as we plan for what lies ahead in 2023. Additionally, you should prepare yourself financially in case cyberattacks become increasingly frequent and damaging.

Sixty eight percent of surveyed business leaders believe cybersecurity risks are increasing. They are correct; attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Unfortunately, these criminal organizations often treat these attacks like a business venture.

In 2021, the global average number of cyberattacks increased by 15.1%.

It is essential to stay ahead of the latest attack trends in order to protect your business over the next year. What are the newest hacker techniques and most prevalent ty...

Tips for Increasing Home Security Setups Are you looking to make your home security setup safer? Here are some helpful hints.


The global home security market is growing rapidly. Experts forecast a 20.1% compound annual growth rate from 2026-2026, in addition to an expected 21.6% rise between 2021 and 2022.

These solutions include Ring doorbell cameras and whole-home security systems. It has never been simpler to monitor your front door remotely with cloud-based video streams that enable homeowners to view every corner of their property.

Sharing photos of your doorbell cameras on social media groups in the community can provide added assurance at an affordable cost. These home security systems provide peace of mind at a great value.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of setting up your system. Neglecting to take pre...

Checklist to Enhance Digital Offboarding for Employees


Digital footprints are ubiquitous in today's workplace. Once an employee begins working, they create their digital footprint by being provided with a company email address and login credentials for their application. You may even be able to update their LinkedIn page through this method.

When an employee departs the company, there is a process that must be followed: decoupling the employee from all technological assets of the business. This step is essential for cybersecurity purposes.

It is never a wise practice for a former employee or contractor to send malicious emails via their work email address to all of your customers. The computer of such an individual could contain sensitive files ...

Hackers Are Focused on the Biggest Vulnerabilities Right Now


Software vulnerabilities are an all-too-common issue when working in technology. Developers release programs with millions of lines of code, and hackers then search for flaws which could allow them to break into a system.

Developer releases a patch to address an exploit. While the vulnerability may not be immediately addressed, a feature update soon after follows. It's like playing "whack-amole" with your systems in order to guarantee their security.

IT management companies must remain informed about the most recent vulnerabilities. It's essential to be aware of which operating systems and software are at risk.

Companies are vulnerable if they lack an effective system for updating and patching...

Hackers Target Smaller Businesses Three Times More Compared to Larger Organizations


Are you more protected against cyberattacks if your business is smaller than others? Maybe you thought hackers couldn't get anything from you because they didn't even know about your small operation. But this could not be further from the truth!

Barracuda Networks' new report dispels this myth. Analyzing millions of emails from thousands of companies, the report revealed that small businesses must remain concerned about IT security.

Barracuda Networks recently discovered something shocking: employers at smaller companies experienced 350% more social engineering attacks than larger organizations. A small business is defined as one employing less than 100 personnel, placing them at greater risk...

Home Security Tips: Why IoT Devices Should Be Installed on a Guest Wi Fi Network


More internet-connected devices are found in our homes than ever before, with this number growing exponentially over the past decade. On average, a home has 10.37 devices connected to the internet - approximately half being mobile or PC based and half IoT-based.

Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, is any device that can connect online. From streaming sticks and smart fridges to baby monitors and Alexa voice assistants - everything can be classified as an IoT item!

Another major shift has taken place over the past few years. The rise of hybrid and remote work, as well as pandemic-induced disruption to our traditional office paradigm, have all been major influences.

Many businesses now a...

How often Should Your Employees Receive Training on Cyber Security Awareness?


Your annual phishing training is complete. This included teaching employees how to identify fake emails. It's an euphoric feeling! Unfortunately, this feeling only lasts five or six months as one click on a link can lead to ransomware infection within your company.

Why must you revisit the same information year after year? Security breaches continue to plague your organization. Your employees lack adequate training on security protocols.

Training alone may not be sufficient to alter behavior; it's easy for them to forget what they have learned over a period of months.

How often should your team receive training to boost their cybersecurity awareness? Training every four months is ideal, as thi...