New! A faster and simpler way to find Chrome extensions


Google Chrome users will certainly appreciate their latest release: an upgrade that makes Chrome even more powerful than before.

The Chrome Web Store has been completely transformed with exciting new designs and features, giving consumers access to an improved shopping experience.

Are You Like Me and Tired of Browsing the Chrome Web Store to Find Extensions for Your Browser?? I know I spent more time than necessary scrolling endlessly through it until finally finding what I was searching for - the perfect extensions. No longer!

At Microsoft, they've also introduced new categories that will make finding exactly what you're searching for easier than ever. From entertainment and productivity tool...


Teams and its revolutionary technology is set to create a whole new game-changer in 2018. Get ready for an unrivaled experience.


Imagine an improved business experience through AI that enhances productivity and streamlines communication.

Sounds futuristic? Microsoft's announcement brings this future closer than you might realize.

Microsoft Teams recently unveiled an AI Library which promises to revolutionize their experience of Team collaboration.

What's the goal? Teams Apps can be modified to enable developers to incorporate Large Language Models, like ChatGPT.

What this means for your business may seem confusing at first. In essence, an AI could assist with Team meetings.

The AI library is now being released, providing developers with code functionality that makes integrating LLMs easier in apps. Furthermore, using this ...


Here are three ways AI can simplify almost every business task make a hashtags

temp-post-imageAs with many business owners and managers, you are constantly on the hunt for solutions that give your organization a competitive advantage.

Have you considered how AI can assist?

ChatGPT (or Generative Pretrained Transformer for techies) has made waves this year. OpenAI developed an AI model that generates human-like texts based on prompts. Imagine having access to professional authors at any moment who are ready to craft content, answer queries or draft emails as necessary!

Bard from Google is among many other AI models released, and unlike ChatGPT can use web search to locate answers (this option can also be enabled with ChatGPT Plus subscription).

AI has become an invaluable tool in certain ...


Learn the best practices for using ChatGPT within your business without it becoming out of hand.


ChatGPT can be found everywhere online; both Bing and Google utilize its artificial intelligence language model, making its presence known in numerous tools that you use both professionally and personally every day.

ChatGPT has revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers. From emailing clients and creating product names to being used for everything from CRM management and employee training.

ChatGPT will catch your attention with its real-time, customized answers and informative reports. When integrating it with your business, careful consideration must be given as it's vital that no employees use the tool in an irresponsible manner.

This article presents the key strategies fo...