Here are three ways AI can simplify almost every business task make a hashtags

temp-post-imageAs with many business owners and managers, you are constantly on the hunt for solutions that give your organization a competitive advantage.

Have you considered how AI can assist?

ChatGPT (or Generative Pretrained Transformer for techies) has made waves this year. OpenAI developed an AI model that generates human-like texts based on prompts. Imagine having access to professional authors at any moment who are ready to craft content, answer queries or draft emails as necessary!

Bard from Google is among many other AI models released, and unlike ChatGPT can use web search to locate answers (this option can also be enabled with ChatGPT Plus subscription).

AI has become an invaluable tool in certain businesses for content production and customer service purposes. AI technology is like purchasing a Ferrari to go to the supermarket: capable of so much more.

Here are three other ways that an AI tool could make a significant contribution to your business.

Stay ahead of trends with trend detection.

Do you remember the feeling when, too late, it became evident that something you had previously considered "big" might actually have been worth more? Using AI technology, set trends rather than following them; ask it for "an analysis of recent industry [industry name] trends" and you will come out armed with invaluable knowledge.

Add productivity by adopting keystone habits.

Productivity is the lifeblood of any successful business owner; AI tools allow you to tap into cutting-edge research and supercharge your working habits. Ask Google, "the top 5 ways to [improve an area]." Chances are, you may come up with something fresh!

Summarize complex events to make better decisions:

A useful technique is asking your tool to explain complex information to an 11-year-old in an effort to produce an accessible summary that all can understand.

ChatGPT and Bard aren't simply AI writing assistants;

they're your secret weapon in business success. Stop using it only for grocery runs - take it out for a spin!

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