Optimize customer service experiences using technology


At businesses, the customer experience should always come first. Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping this experience - for better or for worse.

Customers will remain loyal to your brand if their experience with you is seamless, and this article will explore several tech solutions that could enhance the customer journey at your company.

Schedule Appointments and Simplify Scheduling

Scheduling and appointments can both be improved through self-service booking pages created with Microsoft 365, giving customers the convenience of being able to book themselves online. By connecting it directly with team calendars and synching automatic availability checks with email reminders you can eliminat...


Who Can You Turn To If Something Goes Wrong with Your IT?


Have you made an exciting announcement to your clients, such as a product launch or large sale? Now is the time to spread the news!

Once again, open up your email program, add all the people you wish to invite into a bulk list, and press send.

Wait a second! Maybe this is not what you intended.

Before sending any emails, take note of the following.

Internet service providers typically implement outbound speed limits to avoid spamming by consumers.

Your messages could be blocked or delayed if they exceed the throttling thresholds.

Your marketing communications must reach customers as quickly as possible, but sending announcements directly from a personal email account risks getting caught in a queu...


These Seven AI Trends Are Unraveling Cybersecurity Realm


Recently, digital innovation has seen exponential growth. Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity work together closely in protecting sensitive data and digital assets.

AI can be an invaluable asset as cyber threats evolve.

AI provides organizations with cutting-edge techniques and tools, helping them stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

This exploration reveals the latest AI trends; these developments are rapidly altering cybersecurity while strengthening defenses against an ever-increasing range of cyberthreats.

Traditional cybersecurity methods cannot keep pace with increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, but AI offers an effective solution - its adaptive and flexible nature making it...


How to Approach Small Business Technology Modernization: How Can it Benefit the Organization


Technology plays a crucial role in improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness for any small business. Implementing modern workforce technology solutions presents both an opportunity and a challenge to help increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Small businesses can gain from taking advantage of modern technologies. Adopting these advances will allow them to thrive in today's digital environment; yet many are falling behind; over 30% have not upgraded their systems within four or more years.

Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) often fail to upgrade their technology for various reasons.

Are You Needing Financing But Unsure How? occupy Do you want to upgrade your techno...


Managed services can help your company overcome budgetary constraints and expand.


Businesses throughout the world have faced increasing difficulties due to COVID-19. With rising living expenses and employee wage demands impacting your IT budget, businesses around the globe have faced considerable difficulty meeting IT demands.

We understand the difficulty of operating within a limited budget while seeking innovative technology solutions is vital.

This article will demonstrate how working with an MSP to maximize your IT investment can help you address these obstacles.

Prioritizing Your Technology Investments

Prioritizing technology investments is of utmost importance when budget restrictions arise. As an MSP, we possess the experience to assess your IT infrastructure and iden...


What Impact Could New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements Have on My Business?


Cybersecurity has quickly become a priority for all businesses worldwide, with threats growing exponentially as technology progresses. To meet this growing threat, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently passed new cybersecurity rules which will have significant ramifications on businesses worldwide.

These rules were developed in response to the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber threats and companies must protect sensitive data.

Let's delve into the core elements of these SEC regulations, reviewing how they could potentially impact your business.

Understanding New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements

The Securities and Exchange Commission's new cybersecurity regulations emphasize pr...


Has app overload been slowing down your team members?

temp-post-imageHave you ever experienced an inbox that seems determined to destroy your productivity and efficiency?

Studies have revealed that email is still the dominant method for our communications, accounting for an incredible 80% of it all.

Even though there are apps, chat services and digital tools at our disposal, many of us still rely on old methods of sorting emails - much like using carrier-pigeons in the early days of telephone use.

Study findings indicated that employees waste valuable time navigating between applications. Imagine having to send an important report, only for them to become lost between Slack, Teams, Google Docs and multiple tools - creating an endless game of "digital hide and se...


Do your younger employees experience tech-shame?

temp-post-imageGen Z and some Millennial employees may not possess the technological proficiency that employers would like to see; this causes employers to experience feelings of 'tech-shame'.

Young workers raised on Snapchat, TikTok and Minecraft may lack the necessary skillsets for transitioning successfully into an office setting.

Recent research has revealed that one out of every five employees between 18-29 years old feel judged when facing technical problems at work, as opposed to only 1 in 25 employees over 40.

As is often the case in workplace environments with remote workers or mixed roles, better training should be offered to all employees - not only newcomers. Gen Zers may have come of age during t...


How inflation impacts business technology


As inflation fears have been in the news recently, you might be concerned with its impact on both businesses and technology solutions for them. This article provides both sides of this story.

Inflation occurs when goods and services become more costly to buy. When your purchasing power decreases, sales drop and profits fall - while costs for everything from food to infrastructure rise accordingly. While inflation might not impact all businesses equally as severely as living costs increase.

How will that impact my business technology? Well, it could lead to higher costs overall.

Inflation and Business Technology

Inflation often begins when goods and services become harder to acquire. Have you he...


When was the last time you had a physical?


Are You on Track With Your Health Initiative?

People today are concerned about their health. It's essential that we take time out and reflect on how well we have taken care of ourselves; and more importantly, do something about it.

Every year, it is recommended to visit your doctor and receive an annual physical check-up, in order to detect any minor health problems before they escalate.

Your technology deserves equal consideration.

Book an IT checkup now to make sure everything is in tiptop shape for your journey?

At your office tech is it wise to apply this same principle. In 2019, your office tech may be expected to work hard.

Checking everything now will pay dividends down the road.

We can assi...