What Is Zero-Click Malware, and How Can We Fight It?


Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve in today's digital world, placing both individuals and businesses at risk. Zero-click malware is one such form that has gained in popularity - this type of insidious attack requires no interaction from its target in order to compromise networks or devices silently.

This attack occurred as a result of a missed phone call; victims didn't even need to respond! WhatsApp hacking occurred in 2019 via a zero day exploit and led to spyware infiltrating devices through missed calls.

Recent threats targeting iOS users include a zero-click hack with malicious code installed through an iMessage message that can execute its contents without user interaction and pote...

Do you still believe in these common tech myths?


Technology plays a vital role in today's digital society, yet many misconceptions continue to surround its development.

Are overnight charges safe to do with my smartphone and Macs, respectively? Are 5G towers safe from virus invasion too? What's their status in terms of environmental health concerns?

Common tech myths often cause miscommunication and leave users struggling to use tools and devices properly. We will dispel some of the most frequently-held beliefs here as well as uncover any truth that may lie beneath these myths.

Myth 1 - Letting your device remain connected to a power outlet overnight can damage its battery

One of the oldest tech myths states that leaving a device plugged in ov...

Checklist to Safely Transport Technology When Moving


Moving can be both exciting and overwhelming. To ensure a smooth process, take extra care when handling and packing expensive tech devices such as computers. Be mindful when transporting offices or homes as you must also move expensive technology devices containing intellectual property such as data bases.

We've developed a handy check-list to assist with this process and help ensure the safety of your technology during its move.

Before You Begin Disassembling Your Device

Make copies of all important documents, files, photos and other irreplaceable data before beginning disassembly of your device. Using an external drive or cloud storage, you can be assured that all of your information will re...

Have you used Microsoft Universal Print yet? Discover its benefits.


Printing is still an integral component of modern workplaces, yet maintaining your print infrastructure is no simple task; any hardware malfunction could halt work altogether.

Trouble arises with updating all printer drivers. Without firmware updates being done regularly, vulnerabilities could exist that expose unprotected printers to attack from malware, potentially infiltrating networks with harmful infections.

Microsoft Universal Print provides an innovative solution to simplify print job management. This new approach provides an innovative means of solving age-old printing issues.

Are you seeking to improve the way that you print documents or avoid printer issues? In this post we explore th...

Do you still believe these common tech myths?


Technology plays a pivotal role in today's digital society, yet myths persist despite rapid technological development.

Are overnight cell phone charges safe to do? Can Macs contract viruses? And what about 5G towers - isn't there something fishy going on there too?

Common tech myths can often lead to misinterpretations of tools and devices, leading to misguided assumptions or an inability to use certain devices and utilities. We will dispel some of the most widespread tech myths with this blog entry as well as reveal their truthful counterparts.

Myth 1: Plugging Your Device In Overnight Will Damage It

One of the oldest tech myths states that leaving a device plugged in overnight will decrease b...

Experience the Latest Technology at CES 2023


Each January, an elite group of global innovators gathers at the start of a new year to present and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held typically in Las Vegas.

This year, over 3,200 international exhibitors unveiled their futuristic visions. We got an exclusive look into what might soon be in our homes, kitchens and offices - from both crazy to practical innovations designed to stretch technology use and push boundaries. This show offered us a glimpse into what could potentially become part of everyday life in our homes, offices and beyond!

People love gadgets, so it's always exciting to check out the newest offerings at CES. Estimates indicate g...

7 Customer-Focusing Technologies to Give You an Edge


Customers want convenience. In today's digital world, customers expect technology to make life simpler for them. Therefore, when creating webforms and POS systems you must consider the customer experience in mind.

People often leave companies when they are dissatisfied with how they have been treated. Their experience may not have been related to your products and services; perhaps they had trouble navigating your website or asked a question that wasn't answered satisfactorily.

Customers expect companies to make it simple for them to do business with your business. Companies who deliver on this promise tend to be 60% more profitable than those who don't, according to research.

Technology is es...

8 Reasons Why Every Company Must Embrace Technology Businesses today face unprecedented technological obstacles.


No matter your business, whether it's selling shoes or being an accountant, technology is essential for success. Companies today must not only sell their own goods and services but also be proficient with various digital tools.

Software, payment systems, computers and mobile devices are just some of the examples. Companies must ensure their devices and networks remain protected at all costs; any downtime in technology could have a devastating effect on their operations.

According to 98% of surveyed companies, an hour of IT downtime costs them more than $100,000. Every company is now a technology company due to its dependence on technology.

No matter the product or service you offer, this sta...

6 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management in Your Technology Infrastructure

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Innovation can lead to technology vulnerabilities. Software companies often release updates with flaws in their code that can be exploited by hackers. Once identified, software and hardware manufacturers immediately patch the issues; each subsequent software and hardware upgrade continuing the cycle.

At around 93% of corporate networks, hackers may attempt to breach. Organizations lack the resources to assess and manage these weaknesses, leading to inadequate vulnerability management which often results in breaches.

61% of security flaws on corporate networks date back more than five years.

Unpatched vulnerabilities in software code are used by numerous types of attacks, such as account take...

What to Include in a Year-End Technology Infrastructure Review


Starting to plan for the future is the ideal time of year to do so. Businesses typically begin the new year with a goal of improving and expanding their operations. Technology plays a significant role in how a business runs, so it makes sense to assess your IT for optimization opportunities.

An annual technology review provides you with the chance to evaluate multiple aspects of your IT. It is essential that you allocate time for improvements that will boost profitability. Furthermore, you'll learn strategies you can employ in order to reduce the likelihood of costly cyberattacks.

Deloitte recently conducted a study on digitally-advanced small businesses. Their study revealed that smart use o...