How To Keep Your Smart Home From Turning Against You


Smart homes have become an integral component of modern lifestyle, and commanding your refrigerator to add milk to its digital grocery list has become the norm.

Smart homes provide incredible efficiency and convenience. Apps on your smartphone allow you to control lights and thermostats. Alexa, a virtual assistant can even be at your service! However, as with any new technology it's important to weigh the risks against its benefits before taking steps to ensure your smart house does not turn against you.

Recent headlines have exposed the vulnerabilities of smart technology. One such article from New York Post entitled, "Locked out & Hacked", entitled, "When Smart Homes Turn Against Their Owner...


Identity Theft Can Occur For Many Reasons


It may be hard to envision that a child's toy could be used to access your personal information, yet this happens frequently. What about that trash can outside? It could be an invaluable stash for identity thieves who prowl around at night.

Identity theft can happen to a variety of everyday items, often overlooked due to people's focus on computers and cloud accounts. To protect your device, use strong passwords and antivirus software; additionally, be aware of possible ways hackers and thieves could access your personal information.

These are six common ways criminals can obtain your personal information.

Old Smart Phones

Every two and half years, people upgrade their smartphones. This leaves ...


5 Mistakes Companies Make in the Digital Workplace


Companies across the globe were forced to adapt their business models in light of the pandemic. The traditional model, where everyone worked in one office together, no longer worked and many firms had no choice but to switch over to remote working.

Estimates suggest that 70% of full-time employees worked from home during the worst pandemic. Even now, remote work remains an option; 92% of respondents expect to do so at least one day per week.

Businesses have had to reevaluate their policies and tools in response. Many firms have had to alter how they work, transitioning to a digital cloud workspace for hybrid teams.

This transition has brought with it many new advantages, such as:

  • Employers and ...


Home Security Tips: Why IoT Devices Should Be Installed on a Guest Wi Fi Network


More internet-connected devices are found in our homes than ever before, with this number growing exponentially over the past decade. On average, a home has 10.37 devices connected to the internet - approximately half being mobile or PC based and half IoT-based.

Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, is any device that can connect online. From streaming sticks and smart fridges to baby monitors and Alexa voice assistants - everything can be classified as an IoT item!

Another major shift has taken place over the past few years. The rise of hybrid and remote work, as well as pandemic-induced disruption to our traditional office paradigm, have all been major influences.

Many businesses now a...