What is Microsoft Secure Score (MSS)?

temp-post-imageSecurity should always be a top priority, no matter the size or industry of your company. Microsoft 365 Defender's Secure Score measure reflects this importance - here is more on how Secure Score works and can benefit your business in this article.

Secure Score is a tool designed to assess your security posture. Microsoft Best Practices are used as benchmarks against which to compare your settings and activities, providing advice on how to strengthen security as well as pinpoint potential areas of weakness.

Administrators can view their current security score in the dashboard. It takes into account all Microsoft identities, apps and devices as well as having a target score; Microsoft warns you...

Top 10 cyber security mistakes of small companies


Cybercriminals can launch sophisticated attacks. Most breaches occur due to lax cybersecurity practices. This is especially relevant for small and mid-sized businesses.

Small business owners tend to overlook cybersecurity. Perhaps they are focused on expanding their company instead, thinking they are less at risk from data breach and believe it to be too expensive an expense.

Cybersecurity is not only a concern of large corporations; small businesses are just as vulnerable. Cybercriminals see these vulnerable organizations as attractive targets due to their perceived vulnerability.

Cyberattacks have had an adverse impact on at least half of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Over 60 percent o...

Be wary of a new, devious phishing scam

temp-post-imageAnother day, another scam. Here's one that is particularly insidious.

Cyber criminals have evolved, creating increasingly intelligent malware. One such virus even impersonated an established brand to gain entry.

Email from an e-signature service widely utilized.

Email attachments will consist of an empty picture containing empty svg images carefully embedded within an HTML file (please be patient).

Clever malware that bypasses security software.

Your business could be put at risk as the code within this image redirects users to a malicious website.

By simply opening an attachment, it's possible for malware to infiltrate your device or network and put your data at risk of ransomware attacks, leavin...

These Sustainable Tech Habits Will Improve Your Bottom Line


Sustainability has become an essential aspect of today's society. Eco-friendly practices are growing in popularity among businesses around the globe and not just because they have positive environmental outcomes; they can also bring significant cost-cutting advantages.

Sustainable technology habits shouldn't just be adopted for carbon emission reduction purposes. They should also increase efficiency, cut costs, and draw in environmentally conscious customers.

Going green can save money and help the environment at once. We will explore some sustainable tech habits you can adopt that are both good for the planet and good for your wallet.

1. Energy-Efficient Hardware & Appliances

Energy-efficient a...

Monitor the Dark Web for Opportunities


The Dark Web is an important hub of illicit activities. Even legitimate businesses cannot ignore its presence entirely. In this article we'll outline its details, and show why monitoring its millions of pages could prove advantageous.

In the mid-1990s, the US government established the Dark Web to allow spies and other intelligence agencies to exchange information freely. Journalists and law enforcement agencies still utilize it today; additionally it may also be utilized by people living in countries which restrict open communication.

The Dark Web is an online space where illegal activities take place, such as counterfeit money trading and child pornography. Users may also access counterfeit ...

Here Are 9 Reasons Why Airplane Mode Is Worth Utilizing Even If You Aren't Travelling


Airplane Mode is a feature most of us are familiar with. Chances are, you have used it before when traveling abroad - or perhaps in everyday life when not traveling anywhere special! But did you know there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Airplane Mode than just flying abroad? Not necessarily! Here are a few reasons to turn it on even when not traveling!

1. Battery Life Is Precious

No one would argue with the importance of prolonging smartphone battery life, and Airplane mode is your go-to weapon to do just that. By disabling any applications running in the background (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features) Airplane mode can protect against unnecessary drain on battery power; and thus...

Software vulnerabilities should never be ignored as this will incur costs to fix


Cyber insurance is essential for any internet-based business. At your last policy review, it may have included coverage for software vulnerabilities - which you may or may not understand what they are! In this article we explain these vulnerabilities as well as ways to minimize costs related to them.

Cyber insurance provides essential protection from common risks.

Failure of network security could result in class action lawsuits and fines for breaches of privacy or standards legislation.
Business interruption can be devastating. With constantly evolving cyber threats and insurance providers updating policies to include risk areas and software vulnerabilities that were missed earlier on in time ...

Cybersecurity Month: Fortifying Your Team's Defense with Essential Cyber Hygiene Practices


As technology rapidly progresses, awareness must also grow along with proactive steps taken to secure sensitive data.

Cybersecurity may appear daunting for the average person. But cybersecurity should not just be left up to IT; all employees can do their part to safeguard the data of their organization as well as themselves. They should protect both themselves and any relevant third parties when possible.

October is Cybersecurity Month and serves as an excellent reminder that there are numerous methods available for safeguarding data. Even simple measures will have a major effect on network security.

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSM)?

Every October, Cybersecurity Awareness month is an ...

Do you have cyber security measures in your business that are under-utilized?


Let's examine a topic that may give us chills--cybersecurity skeletons in the closet. While it's possible that there may not be any actual skeletons lurking, cybersecurity vulnerabilities could still exist and be waiting to cause havoc.

At times it can be difficult to remedy things without first knowing they exist, so now is the time to address any hidden dangers in your business. By taking proactive steps you can protect against potential cyber-threats.

Be proactive by recognizing potential threats that could put your business at risk, here are the top cybersecurity risks SMBs face.

Outdated software: the nightmare with cobwebs

Updates can be an inconvenience, and running outdated software can ...

Tips for Setting up Dual Monitors to Have the Best Experience


Two monitors can often make things simpler when it comes to getting things done efficiently. Utilizing a dual monitor setup can significantly enhance productivity; whether that means gaming, creative work or multitasking at work.

Jon Peddie Research conducted a study that demonstrated how dual displays could boost productivity by 42% if set up correctly. But this process can't simply be accomplished by adding another screen.

People often experience disquiet when trying to work from multiple monitors, even though there may be more screen real estate available. The likely culprit here is usually their setup - either they have their screens placed incorrectly or they don't optimize the settings p...