Here are 11 effective solutions to responsibly dispose of electronic waste in your home or office.


Electronic devices are indispensable in our technology-driven society, but what happens to old gadgets when they become outdated and no longer can be upgraded? Over time they tend to accumulate, taking up valuable storage space; you cannot simply throw them out as improper disposal can pose serious environmental hazards.

Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to electronic devices no longer in use or desired by their original owners, including such things as:

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E-waste contains potentially toxic materials like lead, mercury, Cadmium and brominated Flame Retardants - materials which if improperly dispo...

How To Keep Your Smart Home From Turning Against You


Smart homes have become an integral component of modern lifestyle, and commanding your refrigerator to add milk to its digital grocery list has become the norm.

Smart homes provide incredible efficiency and convenience. Apps on your smartphone allow you to control lights and thermostats. Alexa, a virtual assistant can even be at your service! However, as with any new technology it's important to weigh the risks against its benefits before taking steps to ensure your smart house does not turn against you.

Recent headlines have exposed the vulnerabilities of smart technology. One such article from New York Post entitled, "Locked out & Hacked", entitled, "When Smart Homes Turn Against Their Owner...

Upgrade Your Business with Microsoft Intune Suite


Over the past two decades, endpoint management has undergone tremendous change. Companies used to keep all their endpoints together at one central location which made managing them simpler but limited flexibility and mobility.

Today's offices can be found almost anywhere around the globe; remote teams can be accessed from any device imaginable. People tend to rely heavily on mobile phones and tablets for various tasks like checking email and managing tasks.

60% of enterprise endpoints are mobile, and it is estimated that mobile devices account for 80% of work performed today. What this means in terms of security? Clearly an endpoint management solution must now be in place.

Microsoft Intune ...