Gamers beware! Hackers have targeted you.


Since long, gamers have not been the primary focus of cybersecurity efforts. Instead, most often you hear of cyber attacks against businesses or identity theft due to phishing schemes affecting individuals - however hackers are now targeting gamers directly.

Cyberattacks against gamers have increased exponentially, as cybercriminals target gamers as potential exploitable digital vulnerabilities increase. Meanwhile, gaming industry expansion and user participation is driving this rise - leaving hackers more opportunities than ever to target gamers with attacks.

Cyberattacks against young gamers will increase by 57% between 2022-2023.

Risks increase significantly for young gamers who enjoy popula...


What is Microsoft Secure Score (MSS)?

temp-post-imageSecurity should always be a top priority, no matter the size or industry of your company. Microsoft 365 Defender's Secure Score measure reflects this importance - here is more on how Secure Score works and can benefit your business in this article.

Secure Score is a tool designed to assess your security posture. Microsoft Best Practices are used as benchmarks against which to compare your settings and activities, providing advice on how to strengthen security as well as pinpoint potential areas of weakness.

Administrators can view their current security score in the dashboard. It takes into account all Microsoft identities, apps and devices as well as having a target score; Microsoft warns you...


Cybersecurity Month: Fortifying Your Team's Defense with Essential Cyber Hygiene Practices


As technology rapidly progresses, awareness must also grow along with proactive steps taken to secure sensitive data.

Cybersecurity may appear daunting for the average person. But cybersecurity should not just be left up to IT; all employees can do their part to safeguard the data of their organization as well as themselves. They should protect both themselves and any relevant third parties when possible.

October is Cybersecurity Month and serves as an excellent reminder that there are numerous methods available for safeguarding data. Even simple measures will have a major effect on network security.

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSM)?

Every October, Cybersecurity Awareness month is an ...


Four tech trends to watch for in 2023


A new year offers us all an opportunity to start fresh - this holds true for your technology initiatives as well! Here are five IT trends that can help your business start 2023 in the right direction.

1. Cloud Migration

The pandemic forced businesses to change their working arrangements; even those who never thought they'd consider working remotely saw its advantages. Cloud computing proved effective and many offices have decided on either staying remote or hybrid arrangements.

Businesses looking to take advantage of cloud computing will continue to adopt it.

Productivity and output increased; mes Scalability to scale up or down as required; Saving capital and space space, whilst offering consis...


How to Combat SaaS Ransomware


SaaS (Software as a Service) has revolutionized how businesses operate, offering convenience, scalability and efficiency - no longer do you have to drag software from device to device - cloud collaboration has made working together effortless for everyone involved.

SaaS can have its drawbacks. Software and data hosted online are more vulnerable to attack; ransomware has recently begun targeting cloud environments.

Ransomware attacks against computers, servers and mobile devices have long been ongoing. Recently however, there has been an alarmingly sudden upsurge in SaaS-based ransomware attacks.

Odaseva conducted a study in 2022 which found 51% of ransomware targeted SaaS services during March ...


Can Script Kids Harm Your Business?

Script kiddies may seem harmless at first, but their potential danger lies within. Cybercriminals who do not possess elite hacking capabilities still pose a significant threat to businesses.

What Is a "Script Kiddie?"

A script kiddie (sometimes referred to as a "skiddie") is someone with limited coding knowledge who rely on other people and resources for finding vulnerabilities in software and websites, using preexisting tools and scripts downloaded by others to launch attacks against your business with one simple press of a button using certain tools that hackers use against businesses like theirs.

People acting out of impulse may not fully grasp the consequences of their actions or simply wan...


The latest trend in phishing attacks


As is often stated, "A picture speaks a thousand words", cybercriminals are making use of this truthful statement to their advantage.

Cybercriminals have come up with an innovative method for their phishing campaign: They lure victims into clicking images instead of downloading malicious files or following suspect links.

Discover how to protect your business against these unexpected attacks by understanding the early warning signs.

What makes clicking an image special? Perhaps it's to promote an amazing offer or limited-time specials.

Clicking an image won't take you directly to its respective website; rather, it leads to an impostor site designed solely to collect personal information.

Imagine ...


Business Email Compromise Jumped 81% Last Year! Learn how to fight it


Email, commonly known as electronic mail, has become an indispensable component of modern life. People use it for many different purposes including business transactions. Unfortunately, cybercrime has increased exponentially thanks to our increased reliance on digital technologies; one significant cyber threat facing businesses today is Business Email Compromise.

Why should we pay special attention to BEC attacks? They're on the rise: in 2022 alone they increased 81% while 98% of employees did not report this threat.

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Its Business Email Compromise is an email-based scam in which criminals target their victims using email fraud. Both businesses and individ...


What Is Push-Bombing, and How Can It Be Prevented?


Cloud account theft has become a serious problem in many organizations. Imagine all the systems and cloud apps your employees must sign into each day with different user/password combinations requiring sign ins requiring your employees to login multiple times each time!

Hackers use various techniques to gain login credentials. By impersonating users, attackers attempt to gain access to business data. Furthermore, these hackers may launch sophisticated attacks or send insider-phishing emails.

How significant is the account breach problem? Account takeover (ATO) increased by 307% between 2019 and 2021.

Multi-Factor Authentication Doesn't Prevent Credential Breaches Many organizations and individ...


Hackers target accounts while you sleep, looking to take over them during that timeframe.


Your MFA app might be sending too many notifications. It may become bothersome after some time.

Cyber criminals aren't immune from this trend either; they've taken advantage of "MFA fatigue" to gain access to sensitive business data.

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is essential to protecting the data on your devices. MFA adds another layer of security by requiring two methods (password + SMS code sent directly to phone) for you to verify who you are when accessing certain accounts or files on a mobile phone or computer.

Constant alerts can become cumbersome and confusing.

Attackers know this and often spam employees with MFA notifications in the middle of the night. This increases the odds th...