Insider Threats Have Grown exponentially Serious Here's How To Counter Them


Insider attacks are one of the most challenging to detect. Anyone with access to your company's network and data is considered an "insider", whether through a login or other authorized connection.

Insiders have the potential to bypass security measures, granting access to the system despite supposed protections against intruders. Unfortunately, these safeguards won't activate since a log-in user isn't considered an intruder.

Ponemon Institute recently released three sobering statistics that underscore the urgency of addressing this threat. Insider threats are becoming more difficult to detect and more prevalent.

According to the report, over the past two years:

  • Organizations take 85 days to sto...

Unlocking the Power of Endpoint Protection with Ease


The majority of a company's network and IT infrastructure consists of endpoints. This includes servers, computers, smart gadgets, mobile devices, and servers; you may even connect other IoT devices to the company network for added connectivity.

The number of endpoints a company has depends on its size. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees usually have 22 endpoints, while small businesses employing 50 to 100 individuals typically have around 114 endpoints. Enterprises with over 1,000 workers typically have an average of 1,920 endpoints.

Hackers have the capacity to breach a company's security systems with each of these devices, potentially installing malware or gaining access to company da...

Which MFA Form Is Securest and Convenient?


Credential theft is at an all-time high, leading to more data breaches than any other type of data breach.

Passwords are now the fastest and most convenient way to perform various types of risky activities, since data and business processes are now typically cloud-based.

A hacker could log in as a user and send phishing emails to your customers or staff using your company account. They could also infect cloud data with ransomware and demand thousands of dollars to have it returned.

How can you safeguard your online accounts, business operations and data? Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the best methods for protecting these resources.

Even if the user credentials are valid, this act...