Four tech trends to watch for in 2023


A new year offers us all an opportunity to start fresh - this holds true for your technology initiatives as well! Here are five IT trends that can help your business start 2023 in the right direction.

1. Cloud Migration

The pandemic forced businesses to change their working arrangements; even those who never thought they'd consider working remotely saw its advantages. Cloud computing proved effective and many offices have decided on either staying remote or hybrid arrangements.

Businesses looking to take advantage of cloud computing will continue to adopt it.

Productivity and output increased; mes Scalability to scale up or down as required; Saving capital and space space, whilst offering consistent user experiences across devices.

Cloud computing enables IT teams to efficiently manage upgrades and security patches. Furthermore, cloud migration offers sustainability advantages; data centers use less energy than traditional IT infrastructure.

2. Automating Your Processes

Any chance to streamline processes will give your business an edge, which is why many digitally-savvy organizations are turning to automation as a solution.

Automating processes that consume too much employee time can help maximize human capital utilization, freeing employees to focus on more useful initiatives and decreasing chances of errors when data entry and processing, not to mention risk reduction for handling sensitive information.

Power Automate (IF This Then That) and IFTTT make this task easy.

3. Multi-factor Authentication

No longer is it possible to secure business technology within an isolated environment; businesses are becoming increasingly dispersed as digital transformation wreaks havoc, leading to a dispersion of operations across locations and entities.

Relying solely on an identity, device or application to authenticate themselves no longer suffices. With data breaches becoming an increasing threat and leakage of credentials allowing hackers to gain entry to networks and perform actions quickly becoming a risk, using one password across multiple sites may no longer be secure enough to meet verification needs.

Multi-factor authentication makes compromising an account more challenging; any perpetrator must possess both username and password for verification on separate devices.

As MFA becomes more widespread, password managers and authenticator applications will become increasingly commonplace. Managers provide secure storage for the many unique strong passwords needed by people while authenticators apps verify users as being who they claim they are.

4. Optimizing IT Budget

While optimizing IT budget is nothing new, it remains a top priority due to an uncertain economic forecast for 2023. Inflation and rising costs negatively impact businesses; by optimizing IT budgets in line with your business goals, optimizing can help enhance user experiences while decreasing expenses.

Managed service providers (MSPs), who help businesses reduce expenses, are an increasingly popular option. Nuwave IT Consultants can assist in migrating systems to the cloud and automating existing ones - contact us at (404) 932-5940 or send an email message directly