WordPad Goodbye! An era has ended.

temp-post-imageMicrosoft has finally taken action after 30 years of faithfully providing WordPad. They will retire this app that allowed people to open.doc files without Word.

Why now and what does this mean for your business?

Microsoft recently made an unexpected and quiet announcement that they will no longer update WordPad, and eventually remove it from Windows altogether. No date for this transition was specified at the time.

But let's be often have you mistakenly opened a WordPad document when the original intention was Notepad?

Notepad is used to write plain text documents while WordPad serves as an editing program similar to a word processor; they're often confused.

Could WordPad's imminent ...

Find Business Balance on a Sliding Scale of Security

Everyday brings with it new updates regarding malware, data leakage and hacker exploits that require businesses to be on guard against. Although you are taking measures to secure your business and stay vigilant in protecting it from further attacks, more must be done. Security needs to balance with cost, usability and convenience for an optimal level of security - but sometimes this requires treading carefully on an uncertain path of compliance.

At one end of this scale is usability and convenience; at the other, security. To create user-friendly and effective solutions, the key lies in finding the ideal balance.

Tipping the Scale of Security

Another effective way to maximize protection is thro...

Are you eager to test new features first-hand? Don't be intimidated! Take the plunge! Don't hesitate! Don't hold back from taking a chance on new options.


Are you ever tempted by the promise of downloading and trying out a beta version of an application, eager to be the first person to experience its new features?

Be careful! WARNING!! You might want to reconsider some of the news you hear from the FBI.

Cyber criminals are using an ingenious trick to lure unaware victims into their lair. By placing malicious code within fake versions of popular applications, cybercriminals turn the mobiles of unsuspecting users into personal piggybanks.

Don't take us wrong; we share the enthusiasm for innovation shared by any group of tech enthusiasts. Beta versions may hold allure for some, but they haven't gone through the same stringent security checks as app...

What Is Zero-Click Malware, and How Can We Fight It?


Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve in today's digital world, placing both individuals and businesses at risk. Zero-click malware is one such form that has gained in popularity - this type of insidious attack requires no interaction from its target in order to compromise networks or devices silently.

This attack occurred as a result of a missed phone call; victims didn't even need to respond! WhatsApp hacking occurred in 2019 via a zero day exploit and led to spyware infiltrating devices through missed calls.

Recent threats targeting iOS users include a zero-click hack with malicious code installed through an iMessage message that can execute its contents without user interaction and pote...

What Is App Fatigue and Why is It a Security Concern?


Employees continue to utilize more apps and web tools on a daily basis, with the majority of departments employing between 40-60 distinct applications. 71% believe that employees use too many applications, making work more complicated.

Many applications we rely on every day come with unique alerts. When someone mentions us in a Teams channel, we get an alert "ping". A popup notification informs us when an update has been made; and security or errors are alerted to us as well.

App fatigue is a real and growing cybersecurity risk. People become more likely to ignore notifications if they feel overwhelmed with them.

Consider all the digital alerts you receive. These may include:

  • Software applicati...