Be Wary of Ransomware that Appearing as Windows Updates


Imagine working on your computer when suddenly an alert from Windows Update pops up. Instead of dismissing it outright, however, you take action by installing what seems to be an official update - only to discover later that installing it infected your device with ransomware!

Herein lies the horror of cyber threats.

Cybercriminals are constantly devising new means of infiltrating systems. Cybercriminals encrypt data and leave victims no choice but to pay a ransom fee in order to decrypt it. Once ransomware has infected your system, there's nothing you can do other than pay or hire someone to remove malware (or install backup copies if possible).

"Big Head" ransomware is one of the latest ransom...

Even the Vatican Is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks: Are You?


No one is immune from cyber attacks; just ask the Vatican which was hit with a denial-of-Service attack (DDoS). Even the Holy See could fall prey to such attacks.

On November 30, 2022, an attack took place against and rendered all other Vatican websites unavailable for several hours.

The hack allegedly occurred a day after Pope Francis denounced Russia's invasion in Ukraine and specifically named specific troops for their "cruelty".

Although your company might think it's doing nothing to spark Russian cyber-reaction, becoming vulnerable to cyberattack is still possible.

Online vulnerabilities are a serious security risk

Hackers use vulnerabilities in order to gain entry and compromise ...

Adopting an In-Depth Cybersecurity Strategy Here Are 7 Benefits


Cybersecurity threats have grown increasingly sophisticated and pervasive over time. By 2022, ransomware attacks are projected to have skyrocketed 93% - increasing damage caused by cyber-attacks exponentially. ChatGPT will only add further fuel to this firestorm of attacks.

Protecting sensitive data and systems requires taking an encompassing approach that goes beyond simply one solution; adopting a defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy could provide valuable assistance.

This article will examine the advantages of adopting a defense in depth strategy, which offers numerous advantages when it comes to safeguarding networks and mitigating cyber risks.

What Does Defense-in-Depth Approach Mean f...