How can you demonstrate the tangible value of Cybersecurity to your organization? Need to show the tangible value of cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity must be prioritized in an age characterized by technological innovation. Organizations and businesses relying heavily on IT for operations are more vulnerable to cyber threats due to this dependency, making cyber attacks all the more likely.

66% of small businesses are concerned about cyber risk. 47% lack the know-how necessary to effectively defend themselves, leaving them open to high-cost attacks.

Convincing decision makers of the value of cybersecurity initiatives may prove challenging. Executives want tangible data that justifies their spending decisions.

We will examine ways of demonstrating the tangible advantages of cybersecurity to demonstrate its benefits for your compa...


14 Tips to Help You De-clutter Your Digital Life in the New Year


Modern life is increasingly interwoven with digital technology. Our phones and devices are increasingly loaded with emails, documents, photos and apps - it can quickly become overwhelming! If this sounds familiar then check out how a professional organizer can help make life less daunting by managing an inbox full of info or apps!

Now is an excellent time to organize and declutter your digital environment as the New Year draws closer. By maintaining an efficient digital workspace, productivity will increase while stress is decreased. Here are some strategies for decluttering digital clutter.

1. Conduct a Digital Inventory

The first step to decluttering is taking stock of what digital assets you...