WordPad Goodbye! An era has ended.

temp-post-imageMicrosoft has finally taken action after 30 years of faithfully providing WordPad. They will retire this app that allowed people to open.doc files without Word.

Why now and what does this mean for your business?

Microsoft recently made an unexpected and quiet announcement that they will no longer update WordPad, and eventually remove it from Windows altogether. No date for this transition was specified at the time.

But let's be often have you mistakenly opened a WordPad document when the original intention was Notepad?

Notepad is used to write plain text documents while WordPad serves as an editing program similar to a word processor; they're often confused.

Could WordPad's imminent ...

Windows 10's Final Bow: What You Should Know


Microsoft announced that its current release of Windows 10, set for 2022, will be the last ever.

Are You Wondering About Windows 10 for Daily Operations? If that is the case for you, here is some clarity:

Your computers won't suddenly stop functioning; Windows 10's current security updates and patches won't go away anytime soon.

As soon as possible, upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft has declared their intent to focus exclusively on this OS in future efforts.

Windows 11 provides many advantages to those looking to upgrade.

Windows 11 was specifically created to enhance performance across devices, making it the obvious choice for businesses who demand faster technologies.

Improved user experience