How to Approach Small Business Technology Modernization: How Can it Benefit the Organization


Technology plays a crucial role in improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness for any small business. Implementing modern workforce technology solutions presents both an opportunity and a challenge to help increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Small businesses can gain from taking advantage of modern technologies. Adopting these advances will allow them to thrive in today's digital environment; yet many are falling behind; over 30% have not upgraded their systems within four or more years.

Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) often fail to upgrade their technology for various reasons.

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Four tech trends to watch for in 2023


A new year offers us all an opportunity to start fresh - this holds true for your technology initiatives as well! Here are five IT trends that can help your business start 2023 in the right direction.

1. Cloud Migration

The pandemic forced businesses to change their working arrangements; even those who never thought they'd consider working remotely saw its advantages. Cloud computing proved effective and many offices have decided on either staying remote or hybrid arrangements.

Businesses looking to take advantage of cloud computing will continue to adopt it.

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Technology to Increase Conversions

Alec Baldwin's Glengarry Glen Ross salesman shouted out the advice, "Always be closing." Even today, this advice still rings true and can help your business to stay close.

Keep pace with sales trends when there are so many available technologies and options to consider. This article discusses a few such solutions and gives examples of how these can benefit your business.

Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRMs

Allows businesses to effectively manage customer relationships, track leads and personalize communications with their target audiences. They allow you to combine customer data and sales insights for greater understanding, as well as track sales efforts and deals more closely.


5 tech trends to propel small business expansion

temp-post-imageSmall businesses today face more opportunities in an ever-evolving digital landscape, often necessitating them to use technology strategically and leverage new trends for maximum advantage. By adopting cutting edge tech trends, small businesses can optimize operations, enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

At times it can be challenging for small businesses to know which path will bring the highest return. They should select one which has proven most rewarding.

We will review five tech trends for small businesses that could help ensure success. You could also take advantage of them to advance your company in an increasingly competitive market.

1. Cloud Computing: Expanding Horizons