What Can Nuwave Do For Healthcare?

Health Care Is Changing. 
Is your technology keeping pace?

Medical practices face unique challenges when it comes to designing and maintaining their technology systems. We understand the critical nature of health care IT ― everything from EHRs to HIPAA. Our approach supports these complex demands, giving physicians and practice managers more time to focus on meeting patient needs.

The challenges keep coming for medical practices. Administrative burdens, regulations, value-based payment models, quality measures, patient satisfaction goals, and complex EHRs are a regular part of the job these days. Not to mention the pandemic and its effects -  including a lost of patient volume and the urgent need to embrace telehealth.

As a physician, you want to keep your focus on delivering outstanding patient care. The last thing you need is an IT infrastructure that addes to your non-clinical workload. That's where we come in. Our experience in IT managed services can help you reduce administrative hassles and assist in developing a stable and secure computing environment for your practice.

Reduce your administrative burden

Physicians and practice managers have enough on their plate. Our managed

IT services are designed to meet your needs for a reliable, robust and secure computing environment

Stay on top of security and compliance

Security threats and compliance issues are no small worry for physicians. We help you identify those risks and design and maintain IT systems with security in mind.

Increase patient satisfaction

Not only is technology essential to well-managed practices, it also plays a big role in high-quality care. Increase patient satisfaction by making sure your IT environment supports care delivery

Get the right iT approach for your practice


Administrative Burdens

Physician practices are in business to provide patient care, but doing so requires dealing with a mountain of paperwork.

Security and Compliance

Protecting patient confidentiality and maintaining compliance are essential. Doctors can't afford risks from less-than-secure technologies and processes

Keeping Up

Almost no other industry is changing as fast as health care, creating extra demands on both clinical and administrative staff

Patient focus

Well-designed systems enhance patient care. Conversely, a poorly designed and maintained IT function can decrease patient satisfaction through long wait times, billing errors, and lack of follow-up.


  • Choosing easy-to-use EHR and other software

  • Ensuring IT choices are capable of supporting a medical office

  • Outsourcing IT to a managed service provider

  • Staying aware of security threats and leveraging a security-minded service provider to keep up

  • Developing processes to help ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations

  • Following best practices in data security

  • Maintaining a flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure

  • Embracing tools and technologies that enable evolving methods such as telehealth

  • Creating professional development opportunities for staff, including technology training

  • Reducing friction for patient appointments, care management, prescriptions, referrals, and follow-up

  • Using technology and apps to engage patients

  • Offering easy-to-use options for virtual care

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