This Familiar Popup Could Hold an Unwanted Surprise


If your business uses Microsoft 365, employees or yourself may have received a pop-up asking permission to access certain account data.

This article can assist you in making the best choice when this type of pop-up appears again.

What Is the "Permission Requested Pop-up"

A seemingly harmless window, called "Permission Requested Pop-up", periodically appears within applications like Outlook, Teams and SharePoint to prompt users to give an app or add-in access to their Microsoft account.

Users often quickly click the Accept button in order to close a pop-up, however when dealing with sensitive data contained within a Microsoft 365 account it should always be approached with care and discretion.


Optimize customer service experiences using technology


At businesses, the customer experience should always come first. Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping this experience - for better or for worse.

Customers will remain loyal to your brand if their experience with you is seamless, and this article will explore several tech solutions that could enhance the customer journey at your company.

Schedule Appointments and Simplify Scheduling

Scheduling and appointments can both be improved through self-service booking pages created with Microsoft 365, giving customers the convenience of being able to book themselves online. By connecting it directly with team calendars and synching automatic availability checks with email reminders you can eliminat...

Unlock insights from the 2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes & Behaviors Report


Digital connectivity is an indispensable force in our lives, making a major impactful statement about its significance to cybersecurity. However, as technology progresses so do online threats.

Oft times, our own actions place us at greater risk from scams or cyberattacks. Weak passwords and lax policies are two such risky behaviors; human error accounts for approximately 88% of data breaches.

National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) and CybSafe work to correct bad cyber hygiene. Their annual report examines attitudes and behavior related to cybersecurity; their goal is to educate both people and businesses alike on how they can better secure their digital environments.

This year's study included ...

Prepare Now For Cybersecurity Predictions In 2024


Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field. Each year brings with it new technologies, threats and opportunities. Organizations need to be aware of and prepare for cyber threats both now and as we approach 2024 - regardless of size or sector. All businesses should make plans.

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to protecting digital assets is paramount. The cybersecurity landscape is experiencing rapid transformation due to emerging technologies and threats as well as shifting global dynamics.

As we move forward into 2024, let us examine some key cybersecurity predictions you should keep in mind.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Be a Double-Edged Sword

Artificial intelligence has transformed cy...

Does this represent the most dangerous phishing scheme yet?


Imagine this: While checking your email, suddenly an unexpected but reliable message pops up in your inbox.

"Wow!" you may think to yourself. However, this email might not be what it seems.

Cyber criminals use this scam to lure you into clicking malicious links or providing personal data that could compromise your security. SubdoMailing is as harmful as its name suggests.

What's going on?

Cyber criminals pose as trusted brands to commit phishing attacks that appear legitimate.

So how does Trustedbrand do it? They search the web for subdomains of reputable companies that contain subdomains known as Experience, such as Experience is actually just an instance of what's ...

There Are Four Good Reasons Why Sending Bulk Email From Your Inbox Is an Bad Idea


Have you just made an exciting announcement to your clients - such as the release of a new product or sale - and need help spreading the news? Now is the time!

Your next step should be to open your email program, add everyone in your contact list to it, and press the send button.

Take a second to reflect - perhaps this is not what you want to do?

Consider these points before sending emails:

Outbound Speed Limitations

Internet service providers tend to set restrictions on how many emails a consumer's email account can send within a set period in order to prevent spamming.

Your messages could be blocked or delayed if they exceed the throttling thresholds.

Your marketing communications must reach cus...

Your business could benefit from taking steps to reduce cloud waste with strategic measures that work efficiently


Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate. Offering cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility benefits to its users, cloud services also create waste.

Cloud waste occurs when resources and funds are lost by overspending on cloud services that are not fully utilized or optimized, accounting for approximately 32% of cloud expenditures that go unused, which may have serious budgetary ramifications.

This figure represents an opportunity. By optimizing cloud tool usage, it's possible to save almost a third in costs associated with cloud.

Are you wondering how you can save money and cut waste in your business? Consider these clever strategies.

Before Implementing Strategies to Lower...

9 Signs Your Smart Home Device Has Been Hacked


Smart home gadgets have quickly become an indispensable resource, yet also pose serious security threats. Hackers could use these devices to gain access to personal data or spy on you or monitor activities within your house - potentially leading them to gain control and damage your house by breaking in or accessing other parts.

Smart home devices often go unnoticed. Over 75% of people remain reluctant to disclose personal data; yet most remain open to using this type of technology in their home.

Cyber security threats remain a top concern as we increasingly turn towards smart living. Hackers could have compromised your smart systems without your knowledge.

How can you recognize when a hacker ha...

Who Can You Turn To If Something Goes Wrong with Your IT?


Have you made an exciting announcement to your clients, such as a product launch or large sale? Now is the time to spread the news!

Once again, open up your email program, add all the people you wish to invite into a bulk list, and press send.

Wait a second! Maybe this is not what you intended.

Before sending any emails, take note of the following.

Internet service providers typically implement outbound speed limits to avoid spamming by consumers.

Your messages could be blocked or delayed if they exceed the throttling thresholds.

Your marketing communications must reach customers as quickly as possible, but sending announcements directly from a personal email account risks getting caught in a queu...