Follow These Steps Immediately If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked


Netflix is an immensely popular streaming service with 231 millions subscribers worldwide and has continued its exponential growth over nearly 10 years.

Many now rely on streaming platforms for daily entertainment. Simply log on with their device, watch their favorite shows, and log off!

Netflix accounts are vulnerable to hacking just like any online service; when relying solely on username/password security measures to safeguard them there's always the risk that hackers could gain entry.

Your reaction when discovering that your account has been hacked could be shocking and disorienting; not knowing what action should be taken could cause panic and hasten its destruction - this could be disastr...

7 Simple Solutions to Secure your Wireless Printer & Protect Your Home Network


Most people worry about hackers breaking into their computers, but many neglect the possibility that a wireless printer might also be compromised - particularly as most only use it occasionally for printing tax forms and mailing labels, for instance.

Printers can often go unnoticed until you run out of ink and need to print something important. But hackers know all too well about the existence of printers - unsecure printers can provide access to home networks through criminal activity.

Cybernews decided to hack printers deliberately as an illustration. To do this, it successfully hijacked nearly 28,000 unprotected printers worldwide; with an overall success rate of 56% for this hack. Once i...

What Is App Fatigue and Why is It a Security Concern?


Employees continue to utilize more apps and web tools on a daily basis, with the majority of departments employing between 40-60 distinct applications. 71% believe that employees use too many applications, making work more complicated.

Many applications we rely on every day come with unique alerts. When someone mentions us in a Teams channel, we get an alert "ping". A popup notification informs us when an update has been made; and security or errors are alerted to us as well.

App fatigue is a real and growing cybersecurity risk. People become more likely to ignore notifications if they feel overwhelmed with them.

Consider all the digital alerts you receive. These may include:

  • Software applicati...

Windows 10's Final Bow: What You Should Know


Microsoft announced that its current release of Windows 10, set for 2022, will be the last ever.

Are You Wondering About Windows 10 for Daily Operations? If that is the case for you, here is some clarity:

Your computers won't suddenly stop functioning; Windows 10's current security updates and patches won't go away anytime soon.

As soon as possible, upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft has declared their intent to focus exclusively on this OS in future efforts.

Windows 11 provides many advantages to those looking to upgrade.

Windows 11 was specifically created to enhance performance across devices, making it the obvious choice for businesses who demand faster technologies.

Improved user experience

Identity Theft Can Occur For Many Reasons


It may be hard to envision that a child's toy could be used to access your personal information, yet this happens frequently. What about that trash can outside? It could be an invaluable stash for identity thieves who prowl around at night.

Identity theft can happen to a variety of everyday items, often overlooked due to people's focus on computers and cloud accounts. To protect your device, use strong passwords and antivirus software; additionally, be aware of possible ways hackers and thieves could access your personal information.

These are six common ways criminals can obtain your personal information.

Old Smart Phones

Every two and half years, people upgrade their smartphones. This leaves ...

LinkedIn has taken steps to combat fake accounts on its platform

LinkedIn will launch new verification features in the coming months to fight off fake accounts and increase security on its network.

This business-oriented social platform makes it easy to network with other businesspeople and find new jobs, employees and opportunities.

At present, there has been an upsurge in scammer creation of fake profiles to further their illegal agendas.

Bot-like accounts have become an increasing menace across platforms like LinkedIn. Spammers have used them to lure real profiles into downloading malicious software and to obtain personal details about them.

LinkedIn holds an abundance of data about its users, such as their work history, contact information, professional i...

Are you considering making the move to the cloud as part of your green initiative?

temp-post-imageCloud computing has quickly become an attractive solution for businesses that want to streamline their operations, reduce costs and become more flexible.

But have you been persuaded that cloud services automatically benefit the environment? Could your desire to do your part influence your decision making process?

Sorry. Sorry about that pun.
Cloud services do offer environmental advantages over using your own servers, such as reduced energy usage and a smaller carbon footprint.

Yet you should not view cloud storage as a "green solution" without first considering its environmental impacts.

Considerations must also be given when using cloud services when selecting data centers where servers reside....

How to utilize the new virtual appointments feature in Microsoft Teams


Scheduling appointments is a widely used activity. Virtual appointments can be utilized by salespeople to answer customer inquiries, software companies offer live demos, and clients can book video sessions with telehealth therapists.

Microsoft Teams' recent feature, Virtual Appointments, will delight many groups. This new style of meeting is ideal for customer engagements and will soon be available on the platform.

Are you familiar with Teams or another online appointment platform? This new feature promises to streamline the experience for users.

What is Virtual Appointments for Teams?

Virtual Appointments offers a one-stop shop to manage customer engagements. Microsoft Teams makes scheduling, ...

Windows 11: Optional update: For best results, wait before making this choice.

temp-post-imageMicrosoft announced a new way for people to test out Windows 11 features prior to their official release.

Security flaws don't appear out of nowhere - we all suffer them at the same time.

Businesses can get ahead of the competition and access new features first.

Are the new features exciting? Yes!
Are they worth the risk?
Not exactly. What would be your advice? Patience can be a virtue. Although new features may tempt us, any trial phase comes with risks attached that must be carefully considered before diving in head first.

Bugs, errors and other impediments to operations could have an enormous effect on your operations. They could cause havoc to your daily workflow.

Take advantage of other people...

Experience the Latest Technology at CES 2023


Each January, an elite group of global innovators gathers at the start of a new year to present and demonstrate cutting-edge technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held typically in Las Vegas.

This year, over 3,200 international exhibitors unveiled their futuristic visions. We got an exclusive look into what might soon be in our homes, kitchens and offices - from both crazy to practical innovations designed to stretch technology use and push boundaries. This show offered us a glimpse into what could potentially become part of everyday life in our homes, offices and beyond!

People love gadgets, so it's always exciting to check out the newest offerings at CES. Estimates indicate g...