Do you not believe your business could be targeted for criminal activities? You might be amazed at what awaits.


Cyber criminals may target large corporations or those with significant financial assets. You might think that cybercriminals only target such firms with great assets.

Cyber criminals have been reported as targeting businesses of all types, from independent businesses to global conglomerates corporations, using botnets.

Have you heard about malicious botnets and are now wondering "what exactly is a botnet and why should it matter to me?" Cyber criminals use botnets as one of their key weapons against victims; these networks of compromised computers commanded by one malicious puppeteer can include everything from your desktop PC all the way down to your smart fridge - becoming cyber weapons aga...


One small breach can have far reaching repercussions: this is the risk associated with insufficient security measures


Understanding that in today's highly connected and digitalized society, even minor computer issues can quickly spiral out of control is important in making decisions about your IT purchases and investments.

This article illustrates the cascading effect that occurs when minor computer security concerns are neglected.

Imagine what would happen if one user's password were exposed due to a breach in security on another service - even seemingly minor breaches can set off a series of devastating security breaches that are never resolved quickly enough.

We will explore how this situation could escalate to more severe issues.

Step 1: Log into Your Email Account

A recent Google study has found that 66% of...


Are You Prepared for an Internet Outage?

temp-post-imageCloud computing gives us more mobility than ever before, enabling us to attend videoconferences on smartphones, create presentations on laptops, edit files on tablets while watching a soccer match - provided there's a reliable internet connection.

Imagine Canada. In an instantaneous collapse earlier this year, its business collapsed as an internet service provider (ISP), which had over 10 Million customers, botched an update for maintenance that affected them all.

Cloud computing offers numerous advantages, such as:

Enhance productivity via scalability; pay-as-you-go price structures; greater flexibility.
Reduce costs associated with managing and paying for in-house infrastructure and avoid bein...


Trust can go a long way.

temp-post-imageMany employers mistakenly believe their employees cannot perform at their best without physically being present at work, yet managers can struggle with adapting to this new hybrid world. Unfortunately, this perception is far from being reality.

Research indicates that remote and hybrid work arrangements can often result in significant productivity gains; yet many organizations continue to impose office-only working policies.

Employers may feel unprepared to deal with the aftermath of recent years, and hope productivity will rebound after pandemic outbreak.

This could be seen as an antidote, since hybrid workers have demonstrated greater morale and creativity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Big ...


How inflation impacts business technology


As inflation fears have been in the news recently, you might be concerned with its impact on both businesses and technology solutions for them. This article provides both sides of this story.

Inflation occurs when goods and services become more costly to buy. When your purchasing power decreases, sales drop and profits fall - while costs for everything from food to infrastructure rise accordingly. While inflation might not impact all businesses equally as severely as living costs increase.

How will that impact my business technology? Well, it could lead to higher costs overall.

Inflation and Business Technology

Inflation often begins when goods and services become harder to acquire. Have you he...


Monitor the Dark Web for Opportunities


The Dark Web is an important hub of illicit activities. Even legitimate businesses cannot ignore its presence entirely. In this article we'll outline its details, and show why monitoring its millions of pages could prove advantageous.

In the mid-1990s, the US government established the Dark Web to allow spies and other intelligence agencies to exchange information freely. Journalists and law enforcement agencies still utilize it today; additionally it may also be utilized by people living in countries which restrict open communication.

The Dark Web is an online space where illegal activities take place, such as counterfeit money trading and child pornography. Users may also access counterfeit ...


Software vulnerabilities should never be ignored as this will incur costs to fix


Cyber insurance is essential for any internet-based business. At your last policy review, it may have included coverage for software vulnerabilities - which you may or may not understand what they are! In this article we explain these vulnerabilities as well as ways to minimize costs related to them.

Cyber insurance provides essential protection from common risks.

Failure of network security could result in class action lawsuits and fines for breaches of privacy or standards legislation.
Business interruption can be devastating. With constantly evolving cyber threats and insurance providers updating policies to include risk areas and software vulnerabilities that were missed earlier on in time ...


The Risks & Costs of Human Error with Data Loss


Your business likely already has an extensive cyber security program in place: firewalls, anti-virus/malware protections, multi-factor authentication and data encryption. Unfortunately, people represent your greatest cyber security threat.

No one at your organization intends to put your information at risk intentionally, yet human error is more likely than malicious insiders to be the source of a data breach. Verizon's annual Data Breach Investigation Report showed that 74% of the breaches investigated involved "a human element."

Human actions often lead to data loss for businesses across the globe, which could include such risky behaviors as:

  • If you delete files without creating backup copies ...


Four Strategies for Combatting Data Sprawl


Modern data provides many advantages, yet can also pose a formidable challenge: data sprawl. You risk losing control of your data and jeopardizing compliance, productivity or security if it becomes out of hand. This article will provide strategies to effectively deal with this complex problem of data sprawl.

How Does Data Sprawl Take Place?

If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, then data sprawl may be an issue for you.

  • Your files become unmanageable and you are unaware of which information is accessible to you.

  • Both personal and corporate technology are relied upon by employees for work completion; an error that frequently arises is duplicating work already completed.

  • Keep an eye on wh...


Are You Searching for an Ultimate Business Browser?


Microsoft never ceases to amaze us with their revolutionary announcements and we often wonder if their employees ever take time off for sleep! But here's another exciting announcement they made that should leave no one unfulfilled: the introduction of Windows 8.

Edge for Business is a new browser specifically tailored for business use.

The updated browser boasts security and productivity features ideal for employers and their teams alike.

Edge for Business could become the go-to browser on work devices - whether managed or unmanaged - thanks to its ability to help companies maintain control over employees without invading their privacy.

Edge for Business's flexibility makes it the ideal solutio...