Monitor the Dark Web for Opportunities


The Dark Web is an important hub of illicit activities. Even legitimate businesses cannot ignore its presence entirely. In this article we'll outline its details, and show why monitoring its millions of pages could prove advantageous.

In the mid-1990s, the US government established the Dark Web to allow spies and other intelligence agencies to exchange information freely. Journalists and law enforcement agencies still utilize it today; additionally it may also be utilized by people living in countries which restrict open communication.

The Dark Web is an online space where illegal activities take place, such as counterfeit money trading and child pornography. Users may also access counterfeit currency, weapons and child pornography; criminals have access to malware, stolen data and leaked credentials - making the Dark Web an arena for illicit activity.

Dark Web browsing is popular with bad actors because you cannot easily locate it using traditional browsers or search engines; Dark Web searches do not appear on these search engines and special software or configurations are required to gain entry. In order to gain entry users often hide their IP addresses while employing encryption techniques to hide their identities.

Cyber attacks pose a real threat to businesses of all kinds; brand damage, financial losses and theft of intellectual property could all result in devastating attacks. Without monitoring it you won't know what may harm your organization when browsing the Dark Web.

Dark Web Monitoring can assist in discovering:

  • Accessing proprietary information of a company; Stealing customer lists; And providing evidence of employee identity theft are among the hallmarks of cybercrime.

  • Dark Web monitoring can help protect both your brand and bottom line, while providing opportunities to discover potential weak points or prepare for potential attacks.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark Web monitoring entails monitoring chatrooms, blogs and forums as well as private networks using automated scanners with artificial and human intelligence to look for stolen customer lists, passwords of staff members or stolen IP addresses from businesses. If issues are discovered you will be immediately informed. Being aware will allow for quicker detection or resolution if an attack or weakness arises.

Protection From the Dark Web

Monitoring is your only surefire way of protecting your business from the Dark Web, and ideally scans should reveal nothing about you or your operation. Improving cyber hygiene should also be part of your cybersecurity plan - something which you can do by:

Employees should be educated on the significance of secure passwords, and how to spot potential phishing schemes. securise Additionally, invest in antivirus software and password managers;

Updating software and hardware. A business cannot monitor the Dark Web alone due to its sheer scale. While its pages are smaller than typical web browsing experiences, the Dark Web still contains thousands of pages that require monitoring.

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