Experts agree that your smart home devices could potentially spy on you.


Smart home devices have quickly become an integral part of modern living, offering us convenience, efficiency and connectivity.

Recent research has raised concern over the possible dangers posed by smart gadgets found in our homes. There has been speculation that our smart devices may be monitoring us without our knowledge, providing insight into who their owners really are.

Invite these devices into your home is now common, but it is essential that we consider their privacy implications. In this session we will highlight potential surveillance risks presented by smart home devices and discuss strategies to maintain privacy in an age of increased connectivity.

Smart Homes Are Silent Observers



Gamers beware! Hackers have targeted you.


Since long, gamers have not been the primary focus of cybersecurity efforts. Instead, most often you hear of cyber attacks against businesses or identity theft due to phishing schemes affecting individuals - however hackers are now targeting gamers directly.

Cyberattacks against gamers have increased exponentially, as cybercriminals target gamers as potential exploitable digital vulnerabilities increase. Meanwhile, gaming industry expansion and user participation is driving this rise - leaving hackers more opportunities than ever to target gamers with attacks.

Cyberattacks against young gamers will increase by 57% between 2022-2023.

Risks increase significantly for young gamers who enjoy popula...


Time to Ditch Traditional Passwords


Have you ever imagined a world in which people no longer needed to remember long and complex passwords?

We may be closer than we think to meeting our final fateful deadline.

Google recently implemented Passkeys as its default login method across all accounts within its network, signaling an important shift in online security.

Are You Wondering: What Is A Passkey?

Internet security has taken an exciting leap forward with this development. As an employer with employees, you must pay special attention.

Discover everything you need to Know by exploring this page.

What Is Passkeys?

Imagine being able to access your account using just a four digit PIN number or biometric information such as fingerprint o...


One small breach can have far reaching repercussions: this is the risk associated with insufficient security measures


Understanding that in today's highly connected and digitalized society, even minor computer issues can quickly spiral out of control is important in making decisions about your IT purchases and investments.

This article illustrates the cascading effect that occurs when minor computer security concerns are neglected.

Imagine what would happen if one user's password were exposed due to a breach in security on another service - even seemingly minor breaches can set off a series of devastating security breaches that are never resolved quickly enough.

We will explore how this situation could escalate to more severe issues.

Step 1: Log into Your Email Account

A recent Google study has found that 66% of...


How To Keep Your Smart Home From Turning Against You


Smart homes have become an integral component of modern lifestyle, and commanding your refrigerator to add milk to its digital grocery list has become the norm.

Smart homes provide incredible efficiency and convenience. Apps on your smartphone allow you to control lights and thermostats. Alexa, a virtual assistant can even be at your service! However, as with any new technology it's important to weigh the risks against its benefits before taking steps to ensure your smart house does not turn against you.

Recent headlines have exposed the vulnerabilities of smart technology. One such article from New York Post entitled, "Locked out & Hacked", entitled, "When Smart Homes Turn Against Their Owner...


Cybersecurity Month: Fortifying Your Team's Defense with Essential Cyber Hygiene Practices


As technology rapidly progresses, awareness must also grow along with proactive steps taken to secure sensitive data.

Cybersecurity may appear daunting for the average person. But cybersecurity should not just be left up to IT; all employees can do their part to safeguard the data of their organization as well as themselves. They should protect both themselves and any relevant third parties when possible.

October is Cybersecurity Month and serves as an excellent reminder that there are numerous methods available for safeguarding data. Even simple measures will have a major effect on network security.

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSM)?

Every October, Cybersecurity Awareness month is an ...


Can Script Kids Harm Your Business?

Script kiddies may seem harmless at first, but their potential danger lies within. Cybercriminals who do not possess elite hacking capabilities still pose a significant threat to businesses.

What Is a "Script Kiddie?"

A script kiddie (sometimes referred to as a "skiddie") is someone with limited coding knowledge who rely on other people and resources for finding vulnerabilities in software and websites, using preexisting tools and scripts downloaded by others to launch attacks against your business with one simple press of a button using certain tools that hackers use against businesses like theirs.

People acting out of impulse may not fully grasp the consequences of their actions or simply wan...


An alarming statistic: 87% of businesses were affected by cyber security incidents last year.

Think cyber attacks only target large corporations? Unfortunately, that is not true.

Recent statistics revealed that almost two thirds of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experienced at least one attack within the last year - an alarming statistic which should serve as a wakeup call to companies everywhere.

Worse still, almost all businesses report at least two successful cyber attacks each year; on average, businesses typically experience approximately five cyber-incidents per year.

Terrifying. Washoe County residents face increasingly frightening attacks each day; but how can we stop these atrocities from taking place?

Malware and ransomware attacks are some of the most frequent cyber ...


The latest trend in phishing attacks


As is often stated, "A picture speaks a thousand words", cybercriminals are making use of this truthful statement to their advantage.

Cybercriminals have come up with an innovative method for their phishing campaign: They lure victims into clicking images instead of downloading malicious files or following suspect links.

Discover how to protect your business against these unexpected attacks by understanding the early warning signs.

What makes clicking an image special? Perhaps it's to promote an amazing offer or limited-time specials.

Clicking an image won't take you directly to its respective website; rather, it leads to an impostor site designed solely to collect personal information.

Imagine ...


9 National Security Agency best practices for protecting home networks


Technology has become an indispensable part of daily life, making connectivity an indispensable necessity. Securing your home network has never been more crucial - protecting data from hackers requires it!

Preventing breaches is becoming more and more challenging. People typically have less safeguards at home than at work; many work from home which puts both personal and company data at risk.

Within two months of their decision to switch to remote working, 46% of companies experienced at least one cyber attack.

There is plenty of information available on this topic and its steps are straightforward, helping to safeguard against home data breaches.

Here at Home Network Security Tips we follow the...