Learn the latest Microsoft Edge features


Microsoft Edge continues to redefine user experiences through innovation. New updates include features designed to increase productivity, security and browsing satisfaction.

Chrome has long been the go-to browser, while Edge is steadily growing in popularity - currently ranking third most used behind Chrome and Safari.

Microsoft Edge offers more than just a web browser - it features a VPN built into it and personalized workspaces to help users navigate their digital world. Let's explore its latest features that promise to enrich our online experiences!

Microsoft Edge Workspaces: An Expansion in Productivity

Workspaces in Microsoft Edge represent a revolutionary change to how users organize and m...


Gamers beware! Hackers have targeted you.


Since long, gamers have not been the primary focus of cybersecurity efforts. Instead, most often you hear of cyber attacks against businesses or identity theft due to phishing schemes affecting individuals - however hackers are now targeting gamers directly.

Cyberattacks against gamers have increased exponentially, as cybercriminals target gamers as potential exploitable digital vulnerabilities increase. Meanwhile, gaming industry expansion and user participation is driving this rise - leaving hackers more opportunities than ever to target gamers with attacks.

Cyberattacks against young gamers will increase by 57% between 2022-2023.

Risks increase significantly for young gamers who enjoy popula...


Top Cybersecurity Risks Facing Remote Workers and How To Address Them


Remote work has grown increasingly popular over time. Employees enjoy greater flexibility working from home while employers save costs through reduced office expenses. Telecommuting also decreases distraction levels resulting in higher productivity gains.

Research indicates that working from home reduces nonproductive time by 56% when compared with working in an office environment.

Working away from the office does have its downsides; remote and hybrid work poses serious cybersecurity risks that are difficult to monitor. 63% of companies have reported data breaches caused by remote workers.

Working remotely doesn't have to compromise your security

You can find the ideal balance. Be mindful of cy...


Free VPNs may be dangerous: Are You at Risk?


Do you know that global VPN usage is on the rise? Virtual Private Networks are used for various reasons; providing greater security, anonymity, and access to geo-restricted online content.

Here lies the billion-dollar question: are all VPNs equally good?

No. This could have serious ramifications for your business.

Though attractive, free VPN services may not always deliver what they promise. Take a closer look at them before making your decision.

Understand the costs involved with running a VPN service aren't free - servers, infrastructure and staff all cost money.

How do VPNs offering free services make their profits day in and day out? Some use tactics which compromise your privacy or security...