Free VPNs may be dangerous: Are You at Risk?


Do you know that global VPN usage is on the rise? Virtual Private Networks are used for various reasons; providing greater security, anonymity, and access to geo-restricted online content.

Here lies the billion-dollar question: are all VPNs equally good?

No. This could have serious ramifications for your business.

Though attractive, free VPN services may not always deliver what they promise. Take a closer look at them before making your decision.

Understand the costs involved with running a VPN service aren't free - servers, infrastructure and staff all cost money.

How do VPNs offering free services make their profits day in and day out? Some use tactics which compromise your privacy or security.

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while browsing the web through a free VPN, believing your online activities will remain private despite knowing they could potentially be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Your sensitive information could easily fall into unscrupulous hands.

Your data could be accessible to cyber criminals, advertisers and even government agencies.

Just think it over: amenajat Free VPN services can also be known to inject tracking cookies and advertisements directly into your browsing session, making ads seem so precise - likely an attempt by these services to capitalize on your browsing habits for profit.

Consider the potential risks if an employee downloaded a free VPN onto a device owned or used at work belonging to their company, or used for work-related tasks. In such a situation, sensitive company data could become vulnerable and put your company at serious risk of compromise - an alarming thought indeed!

What's the Solution?
Your employees must be educated about the potential dangers of free VPNs and encouraged to switch over to reliable, paid services with guaranteed no data logging, strong encryption and increased privacy protection.

Consider giving them one! Reach out if we can assist in finding the best VPN for your company.

Remember when it comes to internet security that free is usually more expensive. Spend a few dollars every month protecting your company's sensitive information with paid protection services. Contact us now! Phone: (404) 932-5940 Email: Website: