Unlock insights from the 2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes & Behaviors Report


Digital connectivity is an indispensable force in our lives, making a major impactful statement about its significance to cybersecurity. However, as technology progresses so do online threats.

Oft times, our own actions place us at greater risk from scams or cyberattacks. Weak passwords and lax policies are two such risky behaviors; human error accounts for approximately 88% of data breaches.

National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) and CybSafe work to correct bad cyber hygiene. Their annual report examines attitudes and behavior related to cybersecurity; their goal is to educate both people and businesses alike on how they can better secure their digital environments.

This year's study included ...

What Is Microsoft Security Copilot and Should You Utilize It?


Cyber threats are constantly changing and it can be challenging to stay abreast of them. Processing data efficiently presents companies with numerous obstacles; you also must be ready to quickly respond to incidents. Overall security posture management can be dauntingly complex.

Microsoft Security Copilot is your answer. A revolutionary AI solution, it provides tailored insights that empower teams in protecting networks. Integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft products, it utilizes natural language translation for tailored insights and guidance.

This article will describe what Microsoft Security Copilot is and discuss its features. We will explore its benefits and assess if it's the ideal ...

How to Approach Small Business Technology Modernization: How Can it Benefit the Organization


Technology plays a crucial role in improving efficiency, productivity and competitiveness for any small business. Implementing modern workforce technology solutions presents both an opportunity and a challenge to help increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Small businesses can gain from taking advantage of modern technologies. Adopting these advances will allow them to thrive in today's digital environment; yet many are falling behind; over 30% have not upgraded their systems within four or more years.

Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) often fail to upgrade their technology for various reasons.

Are You Needing Financing But Unsure How? occupy Do you want to upgrade your techno...

Cyber Crime and young employees: exploring various perspectives

temp-post-imageParticular care must be taken with cyber security training if your workforce comprises employees between 16-19.

New research demonstrates that many young people have accepted as normal online behaviors which are concerning. Unfortunately, many of these activities may be illegal.

This type of cybercrime does not involve ransomware or data theft.

One-third of 16-19 year-olds admit to digital piracy - such as downloading illegal movies or hacking an account online to harass someone - at some point during their life.

Most of these behaviors will not directly harm your business; some are so widespread that many young people consider them part of everyday life.

Do not allow your employees to bring any ...

How can you spot fake LinkedIn sales bots?


LinkedIn is an invaluable professional networking tool, used to network, connect and explore new business opportunities. However, as its popularity increases so do red flags such as fraudulent sales bots.

Bots that pose as real users are an increasingly prevalent scam on LinkedIn and is considered by the FBI a significant threat to users.

This blog post will delve into the murky world of fake LinkedIn Sales Bots. We will examine their tactics, as well as provide valuable tips. By being aware and remaining vigilant during your LinkedIn experience, it is possible to ensure it remains safe.

Spotting Fake LinkedIn Sales Connections

Scammers on social media frequently play on our emotions. No one ca...