Are we to assume this email from Microsoft represents a genuine attempt at phishing?


Your email inbox is full of threats; have you ever considered that an email from Microsoft could become the biggest fear?

Microsoft, the tech company we all rely on and trust, is one of the most copied brands when it comes to phishing scams. Cyber criminals will send emails containing links or files containing malicious malware in order to gain access to sensitive data and steal it from users.

Microsoft isn't at fault; however, you and your staff should remain wary of anything suspicious that arises in the workplace.

Microsoft was the most copied brand by criminals during the second quarter 2023, accounting for 29% of phishing attempts.

Apple (at 5.2%) and Google (19.5%) both boast significantly...

Top Cybersecurity Risks Facing Remote Workers and How To Address Them


Remote work has grown increasingly popular over time. Employees enjoy greater flexibility working from home while employers save costs through reduced office expenses. Telecommuting also decreases distraction levels resulting in higher productivity gains.

Research indicates that working from home reduces nonproductive time by 56% when compared with working in an office environment.

Working away from the office does have its downsides; remote and hybrid work poses serious cybersecurity risks that are difficult to monitor. 63% of companies have reported data breaches caused by remote workers.

Working remotely doesn't have to compromise your security

You can find the ideal balance. Be mindful of cy...

Business Email Compromise Jumped 81% Last Year! Learn how to fight it


Email, commonly known as electronic mail, has become an indispensable component of modern life. People use it for many different purposes including business transactions. Unfortunately, cybercrime has increased exponentially thanks to our increased reliance on digital technologies; one significant cyber threat facing businesses today is Business Email Compromise.

Why should we pay special attention to BEC attacks? They're on the rise: in 2022 alone they increased 81% while 98% of employees did not report this threat.

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Its Business Email Compromise is an email-based scam in which criminals target their victims using email fraud. Both businesses and individ...

Should passwords be replaced by more secure passkeys?


Passwords are the most prevalent method of authentication, yet also one of the weakest. Anyone can guess or steal them easily, while many individuals also use one password across multiple accounts - making cyber-attacks possible due to this common practice.

Due to the sheer volume of passwords people need to memorize, bad habits have developed that make it easier to crack passwords - like creating weak passwords or storing them on nonsecure systems.

61% of data breaches are the result of stolen or compromised credentials.

Passkeys have quickly become an increasingly popular solution, providing greater security than passwords while being an easier way to log into accounts.

What Is Passkey Authen...

What Is Push-Bombing, and How Can It Be Prevented?


Cloud account theft has become a serious problem in many organizations. Imagine all the systems and cloud apps your employees must sign into each day with different user/password combinations requiring sign ins requiring your employees to login multiple times each time!

Hackers use various techniques to gain login credentials. By impersonating users, attackers attempt to gain access to business data. Furthermore, these hackers may launch sophisticated attacks or send insider-phishing emails.

How significant is the account breach problem? Account takeover (ATO) increased by 307% between 2019 and 2021.

Multi-Factor Authentication Doesn't Prevent Credential Breaches Many organizations and individ...

Here are some of the coolest features in Windows 11 that may make you fall in love with this operating system.


Microsoft released Windows 11 over a year ago and it was well received as being user-friendly. Though not a significant departure from Windows 10, this upgrade does bring many enhancements to the existing environment of the OS.

Windows 10 continues to have a low adoption rate despite several improvements and free updates for those running the operating system. As of November 2022, Windows 10 holds the majority share of PCs running Windows; its rate of usage stands at 69.75% versus 16.13% for Windows 11.

Slowly, more people are upgrading to the most recent OS. Some opt to wait and assess whether it is worth all the effort; nobody wants to have to learn new technical details about their computer...

Are those really the words from your CEO...or is it a scam?


Imagine yourself going about your daily tasks when suddenly, the CEO contacts you. They need your assistance as someone forgot to provide gift cards during a customer visit and need you to purchase six $200 gift certificates and send the details directly to the CEO.

The message sender guarantees you a reimbursement within 24 hours, though you won't have the chance to call them for two hours as they will be attending meetings. This is an urgent matter; they urgently require gift cards.

Can you pause and consider if this type of request indicates suspicion? Would you be tempted to reach for your credit card in order to comply with the request?

Surprisingly, many employees fall victim to this gi...

What Cybersecurity Trends Should You Watch Out for in 2023?


The new year is upon us and it's a time for reflection as we plan for what lies ahead in 2023. Additionally, you should prepare yourself financially in case cyberattacks become increasingly frequent and damaging.

Sixty eight percent of surveyed business leaders believe cybersecurity risks are increasing. They are correct; attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Unfortunately, these criminal organizations often treat these attacks like a business venture.

In 2021, the global average number of cyberattacks increased by 15.1%.

It is essential to stay ahead of the latest attack trends in order to protect your business over the next year. What are the newest hacker techniques and most prevalent ty...

Be wary of Reply-Chain Phishing Attacks


Phishing. Phishing continues to be a prominent topic in cybersecurity articles. Unfortunately, it remains the most popular delivery method for cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals may attempt to steal login credentials from employees. You could also launch ransomware attacks for payment and install spyware to steal sensitive information. They could also be compromised through sending phishing emails with false information.

According to 80% of security professionals surveyed, phishing campaigns have significantly increased since the pandemic.

Phishing remains an issue, and its volume has grown due to the shift to remote teams. Many employees now work from home where they don't have as many network pro...

Have You Just Received a Text From Yourself? Learn what types of scamming schemes to be wary of!


What has changed in terms of how many text messages you receive from companies today compared to two years ago? If you're like many others, it appears there is a considerable increase.

Many retailers are now encouraging consumers to opt-in for SMS alerts for shipment tracking, sale notices and other notifications. The trend has even spread into the medical industry where pharmacies automatically send out refill notices via automated systems and doctors' offices send reminders via SMS.

Text messages can be incredibly convenient. They're ideal for medical and retail practices as well as other businesses. Unfortunately, cybercriminals also utilize text messaging to send phishing scams.

Phishing v...