Here are 11 effective solutions to responsibly dispose of electronic waste in your home or office.


Electronic devices are indispensable in our technology-driven society, but what happens to old gadgets when they become outdated and no longer can be upgraded? Over time they tend to accumulate, taking up valuable storage space; you cannot simply throw them out as improper disposal can pose serious environmental hazards.

Electronic waste (e-waste) refers to electronic devices no longer in use or desired by their original owners, including such things as:

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E-waste contains potentially toxic materials like lead, mercury, Cadmium and brominated Flame Retardants - materials which if improperly dispo...

Here Are 9 Reasons Why Airplane Mode Is Worth Utilizing Even If You Aren't Travelling


Airplane Mode is a feature most of us are familiar with. Chances are, you have used it before when traveling abroad - or perhaps in everyday life when not traveling anywhere special! But did you know there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Airplane Mode than just flying abroad? Not necessarily! Here are a few reasons to turn it on even when not traveling!

1. Battery Life Is Precious

No one would argue with the importance of prolonging smartphone battery life, and Airplane mode is your go-to weapon to do just that. By disabling any applications running in the background (such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features) Airplane mode can protect against unnecessary drain on battery power; and thus...

Do you still believe these common tech myths?


Technology plays a pivotal role in today's digital society, yet myths persist despite rapid technological development.

Are overnight cell phone charges safe to do? Can Macs contract viruses? And what about 5G towers - isn't there something fishy going on there too?

Common tech myths can often lead to misinterpretations of tools and devices, leading to misguided assumptions or an inability to use certain devices and utilities. We will dispel some of the most widespread tech myths with this blog entry as well as reveal their truthful counterparts.

Myth 1: Plugging Your Device In Overnight Will Damage It

One of the oldest tech myths states that leaving a device plugged in overnight will decrease b...