Assess Your Cyber Security Now


Have you ever found yourself wondering whether your business could survive an cyber attack?

Small businesses, too, can be vulnerable to cybercrime in today's globalized world. Relying solely on hope may not provide adequate cybersecurity protection; to maximize effectiveness of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning programs.

These methods will enable you to identify any weak points in your defenses so you can strengthen them before any real danger presents itself.

This article compares two options by drawing upon an analogy involving home security.

Walking the Perimeter: Vulnerability ScanS

A vulnerability scan is similar to taking an exterior tour of your house and noting any possible ...

What Impact Could New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements Have on My Business?


Cybersecurity has quickly become a priority for all businesses worldwide, with threats growing exponentially as technology progresses. To meet this growing threat, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently passed new cybersecurity rules which will have significant ramifications on businesses worldwide.

These rules were developed in response to the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber threats and companies must protect sensitive data.

Let's delve into the core elements of these SEC regulations, reviewing how they could potentially impact your business.

Understanding New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements

The Securities and Exchange Commission's new cybersecurity regulations emphasize pr...

Why you need to learn about Secure By Design Cybersecurity Practices


Cybersecurity has become an integral component of most businesses today. Network security should be taken seriously by any entity no matter its size; cyberattacks may have long-term effects and should always be treated seriously.

Cyberattacks have grown increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated since 2022; IoT-based malware attacks saw an impressive 87% increase, as artificial intelligence-powered attacks increase exponentially.

Moving away from a reactive cybersecurity approach and adopting proactive measures such as "Secure by Design" are crucial.

International partners have taken steps to address vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited, and recently issued an advisory outlining Secur...

Adopting an In-Depth Cybersecurity Strategy Here Are 7 Benefits


Cybersecurity threats have grown increasingly sophisticated and pervasive over time. By 2022, ransomware attacks are projected to have skyrocketed 93% - increasing damage caused by cyber-attacks exponentially. ChatGPT will only add further fuel to this firestorm of attacks.

Protecting sensitive data and systems requires taking an encompassing approach that goes beyond simply one solution; adopting a defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy could provide valuable assistance.

This article will examine the advantages of adopting a defense in depth strategy, which offers numerous advantages when it comes to safeguarding networks and mitigating cyber risks.

What Does Defense-in-Depth Approach Mean f...