Assess Your Cyber Security Now


Have you ever found yourself wondering whether your business could survive an cyber attack?

Small businesses, too, can be vulnerable to cybercrime in today's globalized world. Relying solely on hope may not provide adequate cybersecurity protection; to maximize effectiveness of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning programs.

These methods will enable you to identify any weak points in your defenses so you can strengthen them before any real danger presents itself.

This article compares two options by drawing upon an analogy involving home security.

Walking the Perimeter: Vulnerability ScanS

A vulnerability scan is similar to taking an exterior tour of your house and noting any possible ...


Top Data Breaches of 2023 - Breaches have reached unprecedented heights this year.


Cyber threats remain a serious danger and 2023 has already proven itself a landmark year in terms of data breaches; with an all-time record number of data compromises occurring in the US in only nine months of 2019. Therefore, the actual figures could end up being even greater overall.

In 2021, the last data breach was officially recorded. 1,862 organizations reported data breaches at this point; by September 2023 this figure will have grown over 2,100 times!

In the third quarter of 2023, three major data breaches occurred:

HCA Healthcare/Maximus, The Freecycle Network/IBM Consulting/CareSource Duolingo at Tampa General Hospital.

Cybercriminals have made no secret of their intent to exploit vuln...


Be Aware of 2024 Emerging Technology Threats


Last year, the global cost of data breaches reached US $4.45million; an increase of 15% from three years prior. As we move into 2024, new technological threats should be carefully considered - they could cause irreparable harm to your business and disrupt its success.

Technology is evolving at an incredible speed, creating both challenges and opportunities for both businesses and individuals. However, not all innovations are benign; certain innovations may threaten our digital safety, privacy and security.

This article will describe some of the emerging threats in technology that we should be mindful of by 2024.

Data Poisoning Attacks

Data poisoning refers to the corruption of datasets used for ...


Why you need to learn about Secure By Design Cybersecurity Practices


Cybersecurity has become an integral component of most businesses today. Network security should be taken seriously by any entity no matter its size; cyberattacks may have long-term effects and should always be treated seriously.

Cyberattacks have grown increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated since 2022; IoT-based malware attacks saw an impressive 87% increase, as artificial intelligence-powered attacks increase exponentially.

Moving away from a reactive cybersecurity approach and adopting proactive measures such as "Secure by Design" are crucial.

International partners have taken steps to address vulnerabilities that are commonly exploited, and recently issued an advisory outlining Secur...


Software vulnerabilities should never be ignored as this will incur costs to fix


Cyber insurance is essential for any internet-based business. At your last policy review, it may have included coverage for software vulnerabilities - which you may or may not understand what they are! In this article we explain these vulnerabilities as well as ways to minimize costs related to them.

Cyber insurance provides essential protection from common risks.

Failure of network security could result in class action lawsuits and fines for breaches of privacy or standards legislation.
Business interruption can be devastating. With constantly evolving cyber threats and insurance providers updating policies to include risk areas and software vulnerabilities that were missed earlier on in time ...


Even the Vatican Is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks: Are You?


No one is immune from cyber attacks; just ask the Vatican which was hit with a denial-of-Service attack (DDoS). Even the Holy See could fall prey to such attacks.

On November 30, 2022, an attack took place against and rendered all other Vatican websites unavailable for several hours.

The hack allegedly occurred a day after Pope Francis denounced Russia's invasion in Ukraine and specifically named specific troops for their "cruelty".

Although your company might think it's doing nothing to spark Russian cyber-reaction, becoming vulnerable to cyberattack is still possible.

Online vulnerabilities are a serious security risk

Hackers use vulnerabilities in order to gain entry and compromise ...


What Is Zero-Click Malware, and How Can We Fight It?


Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve in today's digital world, placing both individuals and businesses at risk. Zero-click malware is one such form that has gained in popularity - this type of insidious attack requires no interaction from its target in order to compromise networks or devices silently.

This attack occurred as a result of a missed phone call; victims didn't even need to respond! WhatsApp hacking occurred in 2019 via a zero day exploit and led to spyware infiltrating devices through missed calls.

Recent threats targeting iOS users include a zero-click hack with malicious code installed through an iMessage message that can execute its contents without user interaction and pote...


6 Steps for Effective Vulnerability Management in Your Technology Infrastructure

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Innovation can lead to technology vulnerabilities. Software companies often release updates with flaws in their code that can be exploited by hackers. Once identified, software and hardware manufacturers immediately patch the issues; each subsequent software and hardware upgrade continuing the cycle.

At around 93% of corporate networks, hackers may attempt to breach. Organizations lack the resources to assess and manage these weaknesses, leading to inadequate vulnerability management which often results in breaches.

61% of security flaws on corporate networks date back more than five years.

Unpatched vulnerabilities in software code are used by numerous types of attacks, such as account take...