Top Data Breaches of 2023 - Breaches have reached unprecedented heights this year.


Cyber threats remain a serious danger and 2023 has already proven itself a landmark year in terms of data breaches; with an all-time record number of data compromises occurring in the US in only nine months of 2019. Therefore, the actual figures could end up being even greater overall.

In 2021, the last data breach was officially recorded. 1,862 organizations reported data breaches at this point; by September 2023 this figure will have grown over 2,100 times!

In the third quarter of 2023, three major data breaches occurred:

HCA Healthcare/Maximus, The Freecycle Network/IBM Consulting/CareSource Duolingo at Tampa General Hospital.

Cybercriminals have made no secret of their intent to exploit vuln...


Be Aware of 2024 Emerging Technology Threats


Last year, the global cost of data breaches reached US $4.45million; an increase of 15% from three years prior. As we move into 2024, new technological threats should be carefully considered - they could cause irreparable harm to your business and disrupt its success.

Technology is evolving at an incredible speed, creating both challenges and opportunities for both businesses and individuals. However, not all innovations are benign; certain innovations may threaten our digital safety, privacy and security.

This article will describe some of the emerging threats in technology that we should be mindful of by 2024.

Data Poisoning Attacks

Data poisoning refers to the corruption of datasets used for ...


Implement threat modeling techniques to lower cybersecurity risks


Businesses must remain proactive against cyber-threats as cybercriminals target sensitive data and assets. Data security threats come in many forms.

Modern offices are digitally advanced. Virtually all activities depend on technology and data exchange; hackers can gain entry through various entry points such as computers, smartphones, and cloud applications.

Cybercriminals have the capacity to penetrate an estimated 93% of corporate networks.

Threat models are one way of combatting intrusions. Cybersecurity employs this process of threat modeling; this involves identifying possible threats and vulnerabilities for an organization's systems and assets.

Threat modeling helps companies prioritize t...