Microsoft Teams AI can assist in outwitting competitors


As a small-business owner, you must juggle multiple priorities. Microsoft Teams are great tools for keeping employees connected; however, understanding daily communication across various channels may prove overwhelming.

Microsoft Teams' AI assistant Copilot, still in development, can help keep track of all the important information by analyzing conversations and extracting only those insights and actions most pertinent for action.

Copilot is an effective way to streamline work. Although it hasn't yet been fully introduced, clients who wish to remain ahead may be interested.

What it can do is summarized below

One Way to Summarize Long-Term Discussions
Over time, team meetings may cause you to forg...


Have you used the new Teams?


Microsoft recently unveiled an updated version of Teams, its video conference platform, chat interface and collaboration tool. Microsoft promises that working will become faster and more efficient with this version - something all of us could benefit from!

The new Teams app for Windows and Mac is an incredible ally - double faster than its classic version and using up to 50% less memory and space consumption!

Microsoft decided to overhaul Teams: Workspace in order to make it simpler, easier and more streamlined for their employees. Now Teams: Workspace was born.

Third-party apps enhance the game, making calling outside Teams more pleasant, facilitating meetings faster than you can say "not anot...


Video calls can be particularly stressful


Are you familiar with that feeling when virtual meetings take up too much of your time, leaving you longing to communicate face-to-face? That is called Zoom fatigue.

Now there is scientific support for what we all feel.

Researchers from Austrian Universities conducted extensive tests on the effects of videoconferencing on our minds and bodies. Researchers attached EEG/EKG monitors to participants using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other platform available for video conferencing.

Results have been spectacular.

EEG studies revealed that brain signal frequency increased during online meetings as opposed to in-person encounters, suggesting they make you focus harder than any face-to-face meetings w...


Has app overload been slowing down your team members?

temp-post-imageHave you ever experienced an inbox that seems determined to destroy your productivity and efficiency?

Studies have revealed that email is still the dominant method for our communications, accounting for an incredible 80% of it all.

Even though there are apps, chat services and digital tools at our disposal, many of us still rely on old methods of sorting emails - much like using carrier-pigeons in the early days of telephone use.

Study findings indicated that employees waste valuable time navigating between applications. Imagine having to send an important report, only for them to become lost between Slack, Teams, Google Docs and multiple tools - creating an endless game of "digital hide and se...


Have you experienced the upgraded Teams yet?

Microsoft has unveiled a revamped version of Teams, their powerhouse for video conferencing, collaboration, and chat. This update promises to streamline your work processes, and who wouldn't appreciate that?

The all-new Teams is the superhero of apps for both Windows and Mac users. It's not just faster; it's twice as swift as its classic counterpart. On top of that, it's on a diet, consuming up to 50% less memory and disk space.

Microsoft didn't just tweak a few things; they went back to the drawing board to make Teams simpler and more flexible. The result? Teams now integrates seamlessly with third-party apps, makes calling outside the platform a breeze, and gets you into meetings quicker tha...


Teams and its revolutionary technology is set to create a whole new game-changer in 2018. Get ready for an unrivaled experience.


Imagine an improved business experience through AI that enhances productivity and streamlines communication.

Sounds futuristic? Microsoft's announcement brings this future closer than you might realize.

Microsoft Teams recently unveiled an AI Library which promises to revolutionize their experience of Team collaboration.

What's the goal? Teams Apps can be modified to enable developers to incorporate Large Language Models, like ChatGPT.

What this means for your business may seem confusing at first. In essence, an AI could assist with Team meetings.

The AI library is now being released, providing developers with code functionality that makes integrating LLMs easier in apps. Furthermore, using this ...