Video calls can be particularly stressful


Are you familiar with that feeling when virtual meetings take up too much of your time, leaving you longing to communicate face-to-face? That is called Zoom fatigue.

Now there is scientific support for what we all feel.

Researchers from Austrian Universities conducted extensive tests on the effects of videoconferencing on our minds and bodies. Researchers attached EEG/EKG monitors to participants using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other platform available for video conferencing.

Results have been spectacular.

EEG studies revealed that brain signal frequency increased during online meetings as opposed to in-person encounters, suggesting they make you focus harder than any face-to-face meetings would do. It's no accident; video calls truly make you focus harder.

The study also demonstrated that heart rate variability changes over time, which indicates fatigue during an online meeting.

Prior to dismissing video meetings as ineffective, it's essential that you understand the context of any study conducted. Participants were university students versus corporate employees and not conducted at home offices - this may create differences depending on your environment and participants age.

Communication directly affects your body. Even if you don't attend college, video conference fatigue is real and needs to be avoided at all costs.

What can companies do to take full advantage of videoconferencing without pushing employees off into virtual walls?

Use collaboration tools like Teams, Slack or email to reduce video meetings. Allowing team members to respond at their convenience.

When possible and safe, try holding meetings in person whenever possible. Direct conversations provide an enjoyable and personal touch.

Simple solutions often lead to the best outcomes. Communicate openly with your staff on what their preferred methods of communication are - for some this might mean video conferences while for others it could mean phone calls or written updates.

Make your video meetings as short and sweet as possible to avoid burnout. Schedule meetings one after another without breaks in between for optimal effectiveness.

As it's obvious, your webcam shouldn't just go away right away. Take some time and evaluate your communication techniques; find an optimal mix to keep your team motivated and engaged.

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