6 Tips To Prevent Misconfiguration (the Primary Cause of Cloud Breaches).


Companies often neglect misconfigurations of cloud solutions when devising their cybersecurity plans. Cloud apps tend to be user-friendly, making it tempting for companies to assume that security is handled automatically by these applications. Unfortunately, companies must rely on outside resources for effective protection from attacks.

This misconception is incorrect, as cloud security is a shared model. The solution provider takes care of the security of their backend infrastructure; however, it's up to each user to configure security settings within their account appropriately.

Misconfiguration is a major cause of cloud data breaches and often an unforced error. If a company has not adequat...

4 Effective Methods to Lower the Costs of Data Breach


Data breaches are something no business wants to experience, yet they remain an unfortunate reality in today's world. According to IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report, 83% of companies have experienced more than one data breach. (IBM Security2022 Cost for a Data Breach Report)

Breach of security can have devastating consequences for businesses in many ways. Not only is there the cost to resolve the breach, but you might also incur lost productivity costs as well. Furthermore, you could lose business and customer confidence as well as incur legal fees as a result of this incident.

IBM Security's report indicates the cost of data breaches has risen globally in 2022, reaching $4.35mill...

Tips for Increasing Home Security Setups Are you looking to make your home security setup safer? Here are some helpful hints.


The global home security market is growing rapidly. Experts forecast a 20.1% compound annual growth rate from 2026-2026, in addition to an expected 21.6% rise between 2021 and 2022.

These solutions include Ring doorbell cameras and whole-home security systems. It has never been simpler to monitor your front door remotely with cloud-based video streams that enable homeowners to view every corner of their property.

Sharing photos of your doorbell cameras on social media groups in the community can provide added assurance at an affordable cost. These home security systems provide peace of mind at a great value.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of setting up your system. Neglecting to take pre...

What to Include in a Year-End Technology Infrastructure Review


Starting to plan for the future is the ideal time of year to do so. Businesses typically begin the new year with a goal of improving and expanding their operations. Technology plays a significant role in how a business runs, so it makes sense to assess your IT for optimization opportunities.

An annual technology review provides you with the chance to evaluate multiple aspects of your IT. It is essential that you allocate time for improvements that will boost profitability. Furthermore, you'll learn strategies you can employ in order to reduce the likelihood of costly cyberattacks.

Deloitte recently conducted a study on digitally-advanced small businesses. Their study revealed that smart use o...

Checklist to Enhance Digital Offboarding for Employees


Digital footprints are ubiquitous in today's workplace. Once an employee begins working, they create their digital footprint by being provided with a company email address and login credentials for their application. You may even be able to update their LinkedIn page through this method.

When an employee departs the company, there is a process that must be followed: decoupling the employee from all technological assets of the business. This step is essential for cybersecurity purposes.

It is never a wise practice for a former employee or contractor to send malicious emails via their work email address to all of your customers. The computer of such an individual could contain sensitive files ...

5 Mistakes Companies Make in the Digital Workplace


Companies across the globe were forced to adapt their business models in light of the pandemic. The traditional model, where everyone worked in one office together, no longer worked and many firms had no choice but to switch over to remote working.

Estimates suggest that 70% of full-time employees worked from home during the worst pandemic. Even now, remote work remains an option; 92% of respondents expect to do so at least one day per week.

Businesses have had to reevaluate their policies and tools in response. Many firms have had to alter how they work, transitioning to a digital cloud workspace for hybrid teams.

This transition has brought with it many new advantages, such as:

  • Employers and ...

What can you do to reduce the likelihood that your mobile device will go missing?


Losing your smartphone or laptop can be a source of great anxiety. These devices are essential parts of our daily lives - they store important files, financials, apps and passwords that we rely on.

Their data is far more sensitive than the money in your wallet, due to all of your digital footprints. As such, if a device is lost or stolen, the implications can be grave.

Of course, it's not always the device itself that matters most; rather, it's the data stored on that device that matters most. Access to this data must be granted via cloud accounts or websites; it can be frightening to think of such sensitive information being stolen by a criminal.

Every year, around 70,000,000 smartphones are...

Tips to Keep Your Cloud Storage Share Organized


Cloud file storage has revolutionized how we manage documents. No more need for emailing files back and forth; no more worrying who has the latest copy.

Between 2015 and 2022, the percentage of corporate data stored in cloud storage doubled - from 30% to 60%. Most organizations utilize some form of cloud storage service; OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox are some of the most popular options.

Cloud storage can be just as messy as your computer's hard disk. Files may get saved in the wrong places or duplicate folders may form. When employees share one cloud space, organizing files efficiently becomes even more challenging.

Disorganized cloud storage systems can lead to issues. It becomes harder...