Are You Prepared For Next-Gen Email Security? (Yes!)


Google's RETVec tool is an effective and simple way to make Gmail a spam-free space.

What exactly is RETVec? mes To put it simply, RETVec stands for Resilient Efficient Text vectorizer and acts as an extension that helps Gmail to detect annoying spam emails more efficiently.

Did you know spammers can be very clever at trying to bypass our security? Some spammers employ invisible characters (e.g. "3xpl4in3d instead of "explained") or typos as means to bypass RETVec; however, RETVec has been specially trained to counter all these strategies.

Google describes it as mapping words and phrases to real numbers, then using these numbers to analyze, predict and detect word similarity - almost like givi...


Be wary of Facebook ads that seem too good to be true.

temp-post-imageHave you been browsing your Facebook feed when an advertisement promising to expand your business using artificial intelligence-powered software suddenly appears? Have you been fooled? We all have been!

Doesn't that sound enticing? You click without even giving it much thought.


Cyber criminals are creating Facebook ads promising to improve productivity and income; when clicked upon they contain hidden dangers that require further action before success can be achieved.

They are tricking you into installing malware (malicious computer software) instead of what was requested of you.

Criminals could access your Facebook data and advertising budget from the computer containing it.

Your initial...


Google Calendar is an invaluable tool for hybrid workers.

temp-post-imageGoogle recently unveiled a productivity update.

Google Calendar just got an upgrade with a feature designed to make life simpler if you work as an hybrid worker.

In 2021, they introduced the option for employees to share their location of work with coworkers - going one step further now!

Google now makes it easy to set multiple locations on any given day of your calendar, whether you divide your time between home and the office or you work remotely from different places.

Imagine only being at work for half-day before having to attend an important client meeting; with this new feature, your colleagues can be kept aware of where and when you are.

Google aims to help us work smarter rather than hard...