Learn the latest Microsoft Edge features


Microsoft Edge continues to redefine user experiences through innovation. New updates include features designed to increase productivity, security and browsing satisfaction.

Chrome has long been the go-to browser, while Edge is steadily growing in popularity - currently ranking third most used behind Chrome and Safari.

Microsoft Edge offers more than just a web browser - it features a VPN built into it and personalized workspaces to help users navigate their digital world. Let's explore its latest features that promise to enrich our online experiences!

Microsoft Edge Workspaces: An Expansion in Productivity

Workspaces in Microsoft Edge represent a revolutionary change to how users organize and m...


Why banning social media won't solve your productivity issues


Nothing can be more disheartening for a business owner than watching his employees waste time on social media rather than working. Productivity usually drops when anyone opens their browser; with so much time being spent scrolling through Facebook feeds and messaging one another on this social platform alone.

Assuming you already understand why blocking distracting websites on company networks would solve this issue - no more Facebook and TikTok for instance? - it may seem obvious.

Social media bans might appear like a quick and simple solution, but any IT professional knows better. We have assisted numerous small and large businesses overcome their social media hurdles successfully; blocking ...


5 Ways To Leverage Microsoft 365 AI Innovations


Microsoft 365 provides a suite of powerful cloud-based tools designed to enhance productivity. These tools will help you work faster and smarter. Microsoft is known for being at the forefront of innovation; M365 was one of the first all-in cloud tools introduced back in 2013 as Office 365; today M365 stands as an innovator of AI capabilities in business tools.

Microsoft 365 features some extraordinary Artificial Intelligence innovations. You'll find these in Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications; understanding their use will enhance both your experience and productivity levels.

Now let's explore how Microsoft 365 AI innovations can help maximize your work efficiency and help make you more ef...


Has app overload been slowing down your team members?

temp-post-imageHave you ever experienced an inbox that seems determined to destroy your productivity and efficiency?

Studies have revealed that email is still the dominant method for our communications, accounting for an incredible 80% of it all.

Even though there are apps, chat services and digital tools at our disposal, many of us still rely on old methods of sorting emails - much like using carrier-pigeons in the early days of telephone use.

Study findings indicated that employees waste valuable time navigating between applications. Imagine having to send an important report, only for them to become lost between Slack, Teams, Google Docs and multiple tools - creating an endless game of "digital hide and se...


Do your younger employees experience tech-shame?

temp-post-imageGen Z and some Millennial employees may not possess the technological proficiency that employers would like to see; this causes employers to experience feelings of 'tech-shame'.

Young workers raised on Snapchat, TikTok and Minecraft may lack the necessary skillsets for transitioning successfully into an office setting.

Recent research has revealed that one out of every five employees between 18-29 years old feel judged when facing technical problems at work, as opposed to only 1 in 25 employees over 40.

As is often the case in workplace environments with remote workers or mixed roles, better training should be offered to all employees - not only newcomers. Gen Zers may have come of age during t...


Trust can go a long way.

temp-post-imageMany employers mistakenly believe their employees cannot perform at their best without physically being present at work, yet managers can struggle with adapting to this new hybrid world. Unfortunately, this perception is far from being reality.

Research indicates that remote and hybrid work arrangements can often result in significant productivity gains; yet many organizations continue to impose office-only working policies.

Employers may feel unprepared to deal with the aftermath of recent years, and hope productivity will rebound after pandemic outbreak.

This could be seen as an antidote, since hybrid workers have demonstrated greater morale and creativity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Big ...


Implementing smart IT purchases with an MSP

temp-post-imageBusiness technology solutions are plentiful. But selecting the ideal one can be challenging due to all the options available - this article provides helpful advice for making smart IT purchases.

These common factors could derail your smart IT purchase in 2023.

  • Many small and medium business owners lack technical knowledge. If purchasing decisions are solely determined by budget, this could result in tech that doesn't meet your requirements. Attractive marketing or charismatic salespeople may draw customers in; but technical knowledge should never be taken as granted!

  • Buyers tend to remain loyal to one brand or supplier. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best solution.

  • Even well-meaning b...


Discover how Microsoft 365 Copilot will transform M365 applications


Cloud computing has quickly become awash with advanced AI. Tools like ChatGPT and Bard have proven immensely popular among their users. Now developers are scrambling to add features that automate part of your job process - using contact data, they are creating follow-up lists or emails automatically.

AI-powered applications can do far more than automate processes; they're often used to design websites, write scripts and compose business correspondence - transforming office workflow at an unprecedented rate.

Microsoft is an industry-leading developer of office applications. At the forefront of introducing transformative technologies, they're set to make waves with Microsoft 365's major transfor...


Windows 8.1 has officially ended all support. Here's what you should be aware of in the meantime.


This cybersecurity issue affects both small and large companies alike, as many older computers still run outdated operating systems on which staff may only occasionally access. Furthermore, companies often rely on customized software that doesn't run on older OS versions for operations.

Cyberattacks can occur when an OS becomes outdated. This implies that it no longer receives support from Microsoft or any other developer, meaning there will no feature updates or security patches to address newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Windows 8.1 was the latest operating system to be discontinued by Microsoft in 2013. Released in 2013, this OS was officially retired on January 10, 2023 with a warning s...


What are the advantages and drawbacks of tracking your employees' every digital movement?


Employers around the world have had to adjust since the pandemic. They've had no choice but to change how their employees work, and remote work is here for good - both employees and organizations can gain from this hybrid and work-from-home revolution.

Remote work can be a cost-effective solution, and employers who allow flexibility will find that their employees' morale and productivity levels increase.

Statistics show that most organizations will support remote work.

  • 16% of remote companies

  • 40% of employees support remote/hybrid office work

  • 44% of respondents do not permit their employees to work remotely.

Remote work offers many advantages, but also presents challenges. Remote workers pose cybe...