Are you looking for ways to balance user productivity with reliable authentication protocols? Look no further - here are five solutions.


At offices, it can be a constant battle to maintain an equilibrium between security and productivity. Allowing too much freedom on your network could put users at risk; conversely, too many security gates may lead to decreased output.

Finding a balance between them is achievable, though not always easy. Both are essential for organizations - not one over the other.

Microsoft recently reported on a serious lack of authentication security in Azure Active Directory. Only 22% of users had multi-factor authentication enabled, leaving more than three quarters at much greater risk for account breaches.

Why do organizations still ignore security protocols like multi-factor authentication (MFA)? MFA ca...

7 Tips to Implement VoIP for a Productive Office


Global pandemic has underscored the significance of being able to manage a business remotely. Cloud solutions such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, along with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), phone systems are now essential for this.

VoIP technology enables companies and customers to stay in contact. Employees can work remotely while still answering the company's phone. No matter where an employee is situated - at work or home - callers will have the same experience regardless of location.

Old landlines are inefficient when people work from home. Businesses have adopted VoIP as a cost-saving measure and necessary for survival.

Microsoft reports that 82% of companies have experienced s...

5 Mistakes Companies Make in the Digital Workplace


Companies across the globe were forced to adapt their business models in light of the pandemic. The traditional model, where everyone worked in one office together, no longer worked and many firms had no choice but to switch over to remote working.

Estimates suggest that 70% of full-time employees worked from home during the worst pandemic. Even now, remote work remains an option; 92% of respondents expect to do so at least one day per week.

Businesses have had to reevaluate their policies and tools in response. Many firms have had to alter how they work, transitioning to a digital cloud workspace for hybrid teams.

This transition has brought with it many new advantages, such as:

  • Employers and ...

Microsoft Productivity Score Overview


No matter where employees work, it can be challenging to measure productivity. How do you guarantee they're using their tools efficiently and how can you encourage them to adopt best practices?

These are the questions managers often ask. Managers can become blind to important details, hindering their team's empowerment. You cannot simply grade productivity by clocking in/clocking out.

It is essential to assess the impact and value of employees in today's mobile and hybrid workplaces. But you also need to take into account what might be hindering great employees from performing their best work.

Employees unfamiliar with technology tools may take longer to adapt. They might continue doing things...



How can a second monitor increase productivity? It may be more than you think!

Jon Peddie Research has long studied the productivity benefits of two screens connected to a laptop or desktop computer, finding an average improvement in productivity for employees across all jobs of 42%.

Over 15 years, there has been an exponential increase in two monitors with a compound annual rate of 10%.

The company motto encapsulated their philosophy: "The clearer you see, the greater the possibilities."

What are the Advantages of Adding a 2ND SCREEN?

Do More in Less Time

A second monitor offers you the greatest advantage: being able to accomplish more in less time. No longer...