There Are Four Good Reasons Why Sending Bulk Email From Your Inbox Is an Bad Idea


Have you just made an exciting announcement to your clients - such as the release of a new product or sale - and need help spreading the news? Now is the time!

Your next step should be to open your email program, add everyone in your contact list to it, and press the send button.

Take a second to reflect - perhaps this is not what you want to do?

Consider these points before sending emails:

Outbound Speed Limitations

Internet service providers tend to set restrictions on how many emails a consumer's email account can send within a set period in order to prevent spamming.

Your messages could be blocked or delayed if they exceed the throttling thresholds.

Your marketing communications must reach cus...


9 Signs Your Smart Home Device Has Been Hacked


Smart home gadgets have quickly become an indispensable resource, yet also pose serious security threats. Hackers could use these devices to gain access to personal data or spy on you or monitor activities within your house - potentially leading them to gain control and damage your house by breaking in or accessing other parts.

Smart home devices often go unnoticed. Over 75% of people remain reluctant to disclose personal data; yet most remain open to using this type of technology in their home.

Cyber security threats remain a top concern as we increasingly turn towards smart living. Hackers could have compromised your smart systems without your knowledge.

How can you recognize when a hacker ha...


Are sensitive data hidden within employees' personal email accounts?


Your organization will grow over time, as will the amount of data sent daily to employees via email. Email is the lifeblood of your business: proposals, contracts, IP details and customer records may all pass through it - but are you fully in control of all this sensitive data?

Poor management of how employees access and manage work communications is one of the major weaknesses for many large companies. But why?

Although combining work and personal email may appear convenient, doing so presents serious risks to your business.

Transparency of Your Data Gmail does not permit IT departments to have a centralized view or administration over how business files are stored, transmitted, or accessed b...


Are You Prepared For Next-Gen Email Security? (Yes!)


Google's RETVec tool is an effective and simple way to make Gmail a spam-free space.

What exactly is RETVec? mes To put it simply, RETVec stands for Resilient Efficient Text vectorizer and acts as an extension that helps Gmail to detect annoying spam emails more efficiently.

Did you know spammers can be very clever at trying to bypass our security? Some spammers employ invisible characters (e.g. "3xpl4in3d instead of "explained") or typos as means to bypass RETVec; however, RETVec has been specially trained to counter all these strategies.

Google describes it as mapping words and phrases to real numbers, then using these numbers to analyze, predict and detect word similarity - almost like givi...


Be wary of a new, devious phishing scam

temp-post-imageAnother day, another scam. Here's one that is particularly insidious.

Cyber criminals have evolved, creating increasingly intelligent malware. One such virus even impersonated an established brand to gain entry.

Email from an e-signature service widely utilized.

Email attachments will consist of an empty picture containing empty svg images carefully embedded within an HTML file (please be patient).

Clever malware that bypasses security software.

Your business could be put at risk as the code within this image redirects users to a malicious website.

By simply opening an attachment, it's possible for malware to infiltrate your device or network and put your data at risk of ransomware attacks, leavin...


Business Email Compromise Jumped 81% Last Year! Learn how to fight it


Email, commonly known as electronic mail, has become an indispensable component of modern life. People use it for many different purposes including business transactions. Unfortunately, cybercrime has increased exponentially thanks to our increased reliance on digital technologies; one significant cyber threat facing businesses today is Business Email Compromise.

Why should we pay special attention to BEC attacks? They're on the rise: in 2022 alone they increased 81% while 98% of employees did not report this threat.

What Is Business Email Compromise (BEC)?

Its Business Email Compromise is an email-based scam in which criminals target their victims using email fraud. Both businesses and individ...


Be wary of Reply-Chain Phishing Attacks


Phishing. Phishing continues to be a prominent topic in cybersecurity articles. Unfortunately, it remains the most popular delivery method for cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals may attempt to steal login credentials from employees. You could also launch ransomware attacks for payment and install spyware to steal sensitive information. They could also be compromised through sending phishing emails with false information.

According to 80% of security professionals surveyed, phishing campaigns have significantly increased since the pandemic.

Phishing remains an issue, and its volume has grown due to the shift to remote teams. Many employees now work from home where they don't have as many network pro...