Seven Technology Trends that Are Shaping the Workplace


Technology in the workplace is experiencing unprecedented change at an astonishingly rapid rate, including artificial intelligence, web3, the metaverse, hybrid work models and hybrid work spaces. We are witnessing technological revolutions which transform how we communicate, collaborate and innovate together as individuals as well as companies.

Explore some of the most significant technology trends that are expected to transform how we work by 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence/Generative AI

AI and Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing workplace environments, helping teams complete mundane tasks more efficiently while freeing up human resources for more strategic or creative pursuits.



Be Aware of 2024 Emerging Technology Threats


Last year, the global cost of data breaches reached US $4.45million; an increase of 15% from three years prior. As we move into 2024, new technological threats should be carefully considered - they could cause irreparable harm to your business and disrupt its success.

Technology is evolving at an incredible speed, creating both challenges and opportunities for both businesses and individuals. However, not all innovations are benign; certain innovations may threaten our digital safety, privacy and security.

This article will describe some of the emerging threats in technology that we should be mindful of by 2024.

Data Poisoning Attacks

Data poisoning refers to the corruption of datasets used for ...