9 Signs Your Smart Home Device Has Been Hacked


Smart home gadgets have quickly become an indispensable resource, yet also pose serious security threats. Hackers could use these devices to gain access to personal data or spy on you or monitor activities within your house - potentially leading them to gain control and damage your house by breaking in or accessing other parts.

Smart home devices often go unnoticed. Over 75% of people remain reluctant to disclose personal data; yet most remain open to using this type of technology in their home.

Cyber security threats remain a top concern as we increasingly turn towards smart living. Hackers could have compromised your smart systems without your knowledge.

How can you recognize when a hacker ha...


Implement AI Rules in Your Staff Environment


Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovative technology with great potential to boost employee efficiency, creativity and productivity. However, AI may present certain challenges and risks; to use it successfully for business use cases. In order to properly implement and use this powerful tool.

Establishing clear ethical guidelines or "AI Rules" for the interaction of staff is vitally important. Without guidance and proper knowledge on AI for business data use, employees could miss out on significant time savings potentials and miss out on significant time savings altogether.

Sixty-four percent of businesses expect AI to increase productivity.

We will offer some advice on how to implement AI r...


Top Data Breaches of 2023 - Breaches have reached unprecedented heights this year.


Cyber threats remain a serious danger and 2023 has already proven itself a landmark year in terms of data breaches; with an all-time record number of data compromises occurring in the US in only nine months of 2019. Therefore, the actual figures could end up being even greater overall.

In 2021, the last data breach was officially recorded. 1,862 organizations reported data breaches at this point; by September 2023 this figure will have grown over 2,100 times!

In the third quarter of 2023, three major data breaches occurred:

HCA Healthcare/Maximus, The Freecycle Network/IBM Consulting/CareSource Duolingo at Tampa General Hospital.

Cybercriminals have made no secret of their intent to exploit vuln...


What Impact Could New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements Have on My Business?


Cybersecurity has quickly become a priority for all businesses worldwide, with threats growing exponentially as technology progresses. To meet this growing threat, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently passed new cybersecurity rules which will have significant ramifications on businesses worldwide.

These rules were developed in response to the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber threats and companies must protect sensitive data.

Let's delve into the core elements of these SEC regulations, reviewing how they could potentially impact your business.

Understanding New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements

The Securities and Exchange Commission's new cybersecurity regulations emphasize pr...


Be Aware of 2024 Emerging Technology Threats


Last year, the global cost of data breaches reached US $4.45million; an increase of 15% from three years prior. As we move into 2024, new technological threats should be carefully considered - they could cause irreparable harm to your business and disrupt its success.

Technology is evolving at an incredible speed, creating both challenges and opportunities for both businesses and individuals. However, not all innovations are benign; certain innovations may threaten our digital safety, privacy and security.

This article will describe some of the emerging threats in technology that we should be mindful of by 2024.

Data Poisoning Attacks

Data poisoning refers to the corruption of datasets used for ...


14 Tips to Help You De-clutter Your Digital Life in the New Year


Modern life is increasingly interwoven with digital technology. Our phones and devices are increasingly loaded with emails, documents, photos and apps - it can quickly become overwhelming! If this sounds familiar then check out how a professional organizer can help make life less daunting by managing an inbox full of info or apps!

Now is an excellent time to organize and declutter your digital environment as the New Year draws closer. By maintaining an efficient digital workspace, productivity will increase while stress is decreased. Here are some strategies for decluttering digital clutter.

1. Conduct a Digital Inventory

The first step to decluttering is taking stock of what digital assets you...


What is Microsoft Sales Copilot and what can it do?


AI-driven processes are becoming more and more prevalent. Software becomes smarter with every passing day; therefore, to remain competitive it is vitally important that we harness AI's power.

Microsoft is one of the leaders of this new AI era in tech, leading with groundbreaking innovations like its Sales Copilot system.

Microsoft Sales Copilot promises to revolutionize business. Let's explore its features, such as customer insights and sales capabilities.

Microsoft Sales Copilot Is Now Available

Microsoft has made available their latest addition to their product and service lineup: the Sales Copilot AI sales process optimization solution designed to enhance customer engagement and boost sales p...


Top 10 cyber security mistakes of small companies


Cybercriminals can launch sophisticated attacks. Most breaches occur due to lax cybersecurity practices. This is especially relevant for small and mid-sized businesses.

Small business owners tend to overlook cybersecurity. Perhaps they are focused on expanding their company instead, thinking they are less at risk from data breach and believe it to be too expensive an expense.

Cybersecurity is not only a concern of large corporations; small businesses are just as vulnerable. Cybercriminals see these vulnerable organizations as attractive targets due to their perceived vulnerability.

Cyberattacks have had an adverse impact on at least half of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Over 60 percent o...


Be wary of a new, devious phishing scam

temp-post-imageAnother day, another scam. Here's one that is particularly insidious.

Cyber criminals have evolved, creating increasingly intelligent malware. One such virus even impersonated an established brand to gain entry.

Email from an e-signature service widely utilized.

Email attachments will consist of an empty picture containing empty svg images carefully embedded within an HTML file (please be patient).

Clever malware that bypasses security software.

Your business could be put at risk as the code within this image redirects users to a malicious website.

By simply opening an attachment, it's possible for malware to infiltrate your device or network and put your data at risk of ransomware attacks, leavin...


How To Keep Your Smart Home From Turning Against You


Smart homes have become an integral component of modern lifestyle, and commanding your refrigerator to add milk to its digital grocery list has become the norm.

Smart homes provide incredible efficiency and convenience. Apps on your smartphone allow you to control lights and thermostats. Alexa, a virtual assistant can even be at your service! However, as with any new technology it's important to weigh the risks against its benefits before taking steps to ensure your smart house does not turn against you.

Recent headlines have exposed the vulnerabilities of smart technology. One such article from New York Post entitled, "Locked out & Hacked", entitled, "When Smart Homes Turn Against Their Owner...