5 tech trends to propel small business expansion

temp-post-imageSmall businesses today face more opportunities in an ever-evolving digital landscape, often necessitating them to use technology strategically and leverage new trends for maximum advantage. By adopting cutting edge tech trends, small businesses can optimize operations, enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

At times it can be challenging for small businesses to know which path will bring the highest return. They should select one which has proven most rewarding.

We will review five tech trends for small businesses that could help ensure success. You could also take advantage of them to advance your company in an increasingly competitive market.

1. Cloud Computing: Expanding Horizons


Can Script Kids Harm Your Business?

Script kiddies may seem harmless at first, but their potential danger lies within. Cybercriminals who do not possess elite hacking capabilities still pose a significant threat to businesses.

What Is a "Script Kiddie?"

A script kiddie (sometimes referred to as a "skiddie") is someone with limited coding knowledge who rely on other people and resources for finding vulnerabilities in software and websites, using preexisting tools and scripts downloaded by others to launch attacks against your business with one simple press of a button using certain tools that hackers use against businesses like theirs.

People acting out of impulse may not fully grasp the consequences of their actions or simply wan...

Top Cybersecurity Risks Facing Remote Workers and How To Address Them


Remote work has grown increasingly popular over time. Employees enjoy greater flexibility working from home while employers save costs through reduced office expenses. Telecommuting also decreases distraction levels resulting in higher productivity gains.

Research indicates that working from home reduces nonproductive time by 56% when compared with working in an office environment.

Working away from the office does have its downsides; remote and hybrid work poses serious cybersecurity risks that are difficult to monitor. 63% of companies have reported data breaches caused by remote workers.

Working remotely doesn't have to compromise your security

You can find the ideal balance. Be mindful of cy...

Are You Being Violated by Online Shopping Apps?


Many people enjoy online shopping; it is simple and hassle-free; plus we can purchase products without leaving our own homes. While this trend has become more mainstream, some consumers may still have concerns regarding privacy and security issues when making these purchases online.

Not all shopping apps are created equal; when installing apps without first considering their privacy policies, apps could potentially collect more data from your smartphone than you realize - be it personal or professional use. Your data and privacy could both be at stake.

SHEIN: Data Collection Practices of Popular Shopping App SHEIN

Security experts recently found a popular app that was spying on copy-and-paste a...

An alarming statistic: 87% of businesses were affected by cyber security incidents last year.

Think cyber attacks only target large corporations? Unfortunately, that is not true.

Recent statistics revealed that almost two thirds of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experienced at least one attack within the last year - an alarming statistic which should serve as a wakeup call to companies everywhere.

Worse still, almost all businesses report at least two successful cyber attacks each year; on average, businesses typically experience approximately five cyber-incidents per year.

Terrifying. Washoe County residents face increasingly frightening attacks each day; but how can we stop these atrocities from taking place?

Malware and ransomware attacks are some of the most frequent cyber ...

The latest trend in phishing attacks


As is often stated, "A picture speaks a thousand words", cybercriminals are making use of this truthful statement to their advantage.

Cybercriminals have come up with an innovative method for their phishing campaign: They lure victims into clicking images instead of downloading malicious files or following suspect links.

Discover how to protect your business against these unexpected attacks by understanding the early warning signs.

What makes clicking an image special? Perhaps it's to promote an amazing offer or limited-time specials.

Clicking an image won't take you directly to its respective website; rather, it leads to an impostor site designed solely to collect personal information.

Imagine ...

Privacy alert: Change this setting now in Edge!


Microsoft Edge is our favorite program and we think you will too! However, something recently caught our eye that we wanted to share.

Be mindful of what your browser does behind-the-scenes. For instance, Microsoft may receive any images you view online.

Some business owners may be concerned about the privacy implications of this practice. You never know who may be viewing your browsing history.

If it bothers you, disabling a setting is easy and quick - here's how:

Click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of Microsoft Edge to access more options, then choose Settings from the drop-down list.
Scroll down and click "Privacy and search services." In the Privacy and Search Services windo...

Explore with peace of mind: Microsoft Edge offers enhanced protection.


Browsing the internet can be dangerous; one malicious link could compromise all of your company's data.

Cyber criminals use automated tools to launch attacks against businesses, so it is vital that you remain on top of your online security.

We're thrilled to hear that Microsoft plans on rolling out an update for Edge that will enhance security for all users.

Addition and enhancement are two different strategies used to strengthen security systems.

Password Monitor can keep an eye out for potential password compromise, alerting you immediately should any such breach take place.

SmartScreen is another technology designed to safeguard you against phishing scams, malware and other forms of malicious...

AI now can make team meetings more productive.


Tired of spending your precious time sitting through meetings only to come away feeling disorganized?

Are you struggling to keep track of all of the actions items and tasks associated with meetings that follow-up on these items?

Microsoft Teams recently unveiled a feature that can assist with problem resolution and increase productivity.

Meeting Recap is available exclusively to Teams Premium Subscribers and uses AI technology to produce comprehensive summaries of meetings.

Say goodbye to lengthy recaps... and hello to accurate summaries which highlight the main points of your meeting.

Meeting Recap goes further. This feature not only recaps your meeting but assigns follow-up tasks and sets deadl...

Are your business data at risk? Utilizing outdated technology may pose significant threats.


Do you simply dispose of old external drives and computers when upgrading with newer models?

Your sensitive data could be at risk.

According to a new study conducted by a data-recovery specialist, millions of deleted files may be recoverable from hard drives sold online which have been incorrectly erased.

Cyber criminals purchase used hard drives with the intent of recovering data that could range from client details to confidential company data.

As excitement for new technology arises, it can be easy to forget old data. Before disposing of an old drive, however, it is vital that you consider its content.

Recovery may still be possible even if your drive has been encrypted, and even damaged drive...