Your business could benefit from taking steps to reduce cloud waste with strategic measures that work efficiently


Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate. Offering cost-efficiency, scalability and flexibility benefits to its users, cloud services also create waste.

Cloud waste occurs when resources and funds are lost by overspending on cloud services that are not fully utilized or optimized, accounting for approximately 32% of cloud expenditures that go unused, which may have serious budgetary ramifications.

This figure represents an opportunity. By optimizing cloud tool usage, it's possible to save almost a third in costs associated with cloud.

Are you wondering how you can save money and cut waste in your business? Consider these clever strategies.

Before Implementing Strategies to Lower...


7 Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing a New Computer


Have you ever purchased a computer with the intention of regretting it after some time had passed? Perhaps you didn't check its storage capacity and ran short on space. Or, perhaps memory was overlooked and caused frequent freeze-ups.

Don't take the decision to invest in a new computer lightly. Do your research and consult with an IT professional or friend before making your choice; this will help avoid costly errors that could later come back to haunt your business.

Before you invest in a new computer, here are some things to consider.

Memory Amount (RAM)

Many computer shoppers make a common miscalculation: they neglect RAM. Random access memory (RAM) is commonly referred to as "memory" on spe...