Assess Your Cyber Security Now


Have you ever found yourself wondering whether your business could survive an cyber attack?

Small businesses, too, can be vulnerable to cybercrime in today's globalized world. Relying solely on hope may not provide adequate cybersecurity protection; to maximize effectiveness of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning programs.

These methods will enable you to identify any weak points in your defenses so you can strengthen them before any real danger presents itself.

This article compares two options by drawing upon an analogy involving home security.

Walking the Perimeter: Vulnerability ScanS

A vulnerability scan is similar to taking an exterior tour of your house and noting any possible ...

Do you really need it all? Cybersecurity: Understanding the Need for Comprehensive Cybersecurity


As a business owner, your primary goal should be reducing expenses while supporting growth. Naturally, you may question if all the cybersecurity solutions recommended by your managed service provider are truly necessary.

At first, it may seem excessive for a small business, but cybercriminals present a serious threat no matter their size.

Bots are constantly scanning the web in search of vulnerable points, looking for any unprotected system belonging to either a Fortune 500 firm or smaller businesses that is open for attack.

Not all business leaders believe digital defenses are necessary if their organization owns valuable intellectual property or sensitive customer data.

Simple information comb...

Unraveling the Cybersecurity Paradox: Why Businesses are Taking Risks


Over the last several years, small businesses have faced an alarming paradox: while cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and severity, they're spending less money on cybersecurity measures.

This paradox poses a considerable risk to businesses as they become more susceptible to cyberthreats. Explore its causes and potential repercussions.

Security investments tend to be costly. Small businesses on tight budgets may find these costs overwhelming and opt to prioritize other aspects of their business over cybersecurity such as customer acquisition or growth.

At the core of this mindset lies an assumption that cyberattacks won't affect them or that their costs associated with an attack are less ...

Even the Vatican Is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks: Are You?


No one is immune from cyber attacks; just ask the Vatican which was hit with a denial-of-Service attack (DDoS). Even the Holy See could fall prey to such attacks.

On November 30, 2022, an attack took place against and rendered all other Vatican websites unavailable for several hours.

The hack allegedly occurred a day after Pope Francis denounced Russia's invasion in Ukraine and specifically named specific troops for their "cruelty".

Although your company might think it's doing nothing to spark Russian cyber-reaction, becoming vulnerable to cyberattack is still possible.

Online vulnerabilities are a serious security risk

Hackers use vulnerabilities in order to gain entry and compromise ...