Has app overload been slowing down your team members?

temp-post-imageHave you ever experienced an inbox that seems determined to destroy your productivity and efficiency?

Studies have revealed that email is still the dominant method for our communications, accounting for an incredible 80% of it all.

Even though there are apps, chat services and digital tools at our disposal, many of us still rely on old methods of sorting emails - much like using carrier-pigeons in the early days of telephone use.

Study findings indicated that employees waste valuable time navigating between applications. Imagine having to send an important report, only for them to become lost between Slack, Teams, Google Docs and multiple tools - creating an endless game of "digital hide and seek." Believe us: it's no fun.

What about videoconferencing? Video conferencing may appear to increase productivity; however, only three out of every five meetings held through this medium actually offer any true benefits to most employees and the rest can often prove unproductive.

Let's not forget about the ever-present need to clarify or repeat ourselves - 74% of employees must repeat themselves at least some of the time, while almost a quarter report this happening frequently - this alone should make anyone want to break free and cry into a corner!

What are you to do now? Perhaps now is the time to reassess your strategy and take a break.

Why not hire a technology consultant to develop a strategy tailored specifically for your business rather than simply adding more tools and apps? Think of us as Marie Kondos of digital clutter - we will help your team get organized while adding joy (and productivity!)!

Help is available if you want to stop being distracted by emails and notifications from apps and increase productivity.

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