Have you used the new Teams?


Microsoft recently unveiled an updated version of Teams, its video conference platform, chat interface and collaboration tool. Microsoft promises that working will become faster and more efficient with this version - something all of us could benefit from!

The new Teams app for Windows and Mac is an incredible ally - double faster than its classic version and using up to 50% less memory and space consumption!

Microsoft decided to overhaul Teams: Workspace in order to make it simpler, easier and more streamlined for their employees. Now Teams: Workspace was born.

Third-party apps enhance the game, making calling outside Teams more pleasant, facilitating meetings faster than you can say "not another meeting!"
This new version of Teams leverages browser technology to share resources more efficiently with its browser version and reduce memory and space needs significantly.

What was the outcome of our first test? The app loads twice as fast, joins meetings two times faster and switched chat channels twice faster than in its initial version.

Not just available for Windows-based businesses, this performance boost can also benefit teams working on Mac platforms.

Microsoft promises that this update will transform your productivity, by improving its interface by including a "mark as read" option in Activity.

Copilot is an artificially intelligent assistant which can quickly synthesize key points of conversations and calls, acting like your personal assistant without all the coffee runs!

Are You Ready For the New Improved Teams? Currently, the new improved Teams is being made available and you may see "Try the new Teams" displayed prominently in the upper left corner of the Teams app. Clicking it allows you to experience it for yourself!

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